30 Budget friendly decor ideas

Decor Tips Dated:  Dec. 18, 2015
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Luxurious Dining Hall with Decorative Ceiling by Ar. Pinky Pandit

Decorating home can become a little tough when you have a budget constraint. You might not be able to afford the exquisite flower vase  you found perfect for  that wooden teapoy or the lamp that would perfectly match with your bedroom setting.  But that does not mean that your house should look low grade. A little bit of thinking and you can make your house look as glamorous and classy as if you have spent a fortune.

1. Beautiful Walls:

Do you think only an overpriced masterpiece painting can make your walls beautiful? Not at all. One easy and crazy idea is to paint one out of four walls of the room with a completely different colour. Using a texture roller or texture paints will be even better to make the walls look as a piece of art by itself.

2. Choosing colour for furniture:

Contrasting colours in a room always put up a nice look. But if there aren't elements to bring out balance, it is always better to go for subtle and light with the furniture with maybe  a pair of cushions in bright shade.

3. Paint the main door:

One most effective way to peel out the boredom from the entrance is to paint the main door in unusual colors. Now, this can sound wacky, but a contrasting colour to that of the walls can bring out vibrance.

4. For the corner tables:

There is no limit to our power of imagination. Use old glass bottles or cans to create your own masterpiece. Place it on the corner table and look how elegantly you have turned a dull table into a cynosure.

Home Decor IdeasHome Decor Ideas
Image source: https://pixel.brit.co/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Beer-Main1-645x429.jpg

The bottles  can't be luckier. The flowers look as though they were made to be here.

5. Knitted throws for the sofas:

Knitted throws can add warmth to the decor .A sofa or a bed draped in knitted throws can impart the cozy feeling to the entire room. This also  looks perfect on swing sofas that you might have in your balcony or the lawn.

Decor IdeasDecor Ideas
Image source: https://d2droglu4qf8st.cloudfront.net/1008/15/194304/Grandmas-Favorite-Holiday-Afghan_Medium_ID-730644.jpg?v=730644

6. Dining table:

No matter how expensive a dining table is, no one likes to see a bare table top.In the same way, no matter how simple a table is, when  topped with a bowl of fresh fruits, the table looks inviting. A weaven  bamboo or a natural fibre bought from the local market will not only be trendy but will also  be a sign of respect for the local weavers.

7. Doors:

Doors, unlike many may think, can also be decorated. Doors of your bedroom or wardrobe can be the perfect place to display your collection of hats or bags.

8. Plants:

These, I would say, are one of the most precious and beautiful things we have on this earth. Apart from the tons of benefits they pour on us, these are the best and the cheapest ornamental item we can have at  our home. The warmth and freshness that plants impart to the surrounding is inimitable.

Hanging Ceiling Plants
Hanging Ceiling Plants
Image source: https://eliseblaha.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8341c71c353ef01a73d6b1c67970d-500wi

9. Kids bedroom:

Kids are sometimes the most beauty-conscious people around. They would always want to keep themselves and their room well decorated and wouldn't  stop pestering you until you promise to do it for them. But, you will find out eventually that once you know their likes and dislikes, their favourite cartoon characters and so on, it is pretty easy to do a bedroom for them. Buy a colourful version of everything you think they will need in their bedroom and they are all smiling.

Kids bedroom decorating ideasKids bedroom decorating ideas
Image source: https://www.lushome.com/toddler-bedroom-playroom-design-room-decorating-ideas/27211

10. Lamps:

When your table lamps look outdated and boring,instead of going for a complete set of lamp try changing your lampshades. They will definitely cost you less than a complete lamp set.

11.Vintage accessories:

Few things never get outdated. If you think that the utensils gifted to you at your wedding or house warming is too big and inconvenient to be used, they need not sit it the dark for ever, away from the sight of the people. There might be a better place for them in your house,like the one shown below.

antique water pitcherantique water pitcher
Image source: https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-mHnZqHzIjRU/T7FZcP7DJCI/AAAAAAAAz-0/1M3tgNJKBWY/s400/antique_water_pitcher.jpg

12. Candleholders:

If you are someone who loves going to the beaches nearby, collect some shells next time. These will serve you an elegant candle holder when put in a glass tumbler. 

Candle holdersCandle holders
Image source: https://images.doityourself.com/paid/HD6944.jpg

13. New look for kitchen:

Keep the spices in glass jars and place them on the kitchen counter.
Decorating kitchen can never be easier

Kitchen Decorating tipsKitchen Decorating tips
Image source: https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/x/glass-spice-jars-10563789.jpg

14. Broken tiles put into use:

If you are wondering how to dispose of broken tiles or mirror, there is no better away than using them as a wall frame. Make sure to smoothen the edges before putting them on the walls though.

15. Bookshelves:

Boring  bookshelves can be given a fresh leash of life by colouring it with a rich matte paint Covering the books in contrasting colour and arranging them in random vertical and horizontal   fashion make the shelf stand out.

16. Bedrooms:

Bedrooms are the place where you express your imagination without any if's and but's.They can be turned  into your fantasy island or a replica of the aquatic life without shelling out a fortune. 

The bedroom below shows the way. Without any thing significantly expensive, this bedroom looks well crafted. Simple play of colours with the essentials has brought this bedroom alive.

cheap decorating designs for small living roomscheap decorating designs for small living rooms
Image source: https://drinkagame.com/cheap-decorating-designs-for-small-living-rooms/

17. Bathrooms:

Bathrooms need to look  uncluttered and simple as this is where we wash away the day's tiredness. This means that their should be as minimum accessories as possible. Bathroom towels and curtains in subtle colours can bring in the desired effects.

18. Spoons and ladles:

Try putting  your spare shining spoons and ladles to an unusual use. Frame them  up on the kitchen or dining area walls in a openable glass case.

Spoons and ladlesSpoons and ladles
Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/126382333265919725/

19. Photos without photo frames:

Photos do look nice without photoframes when displayed in an eye catching manner. Spread those  sheets of memories randomly on a table below a transparent table cloth and it will never go unnoticed.

20. Poufs:

Roccoco Durable Polyster PoufsBuy Roccoco Durable Polyster Poufs

Poufs are ideal seating arrangement you have at home especially when you have more guests to visiting your home and you are running out of space and furniture. These can be kept under the tables or beds when not in use.

21. Painting options:

If painting walls is not a feasible option for you, try painting the furniture like the bedframes or chairs in the room. It will give the same desired effect to your room.

22. Mirrors:

Never underestimate the uses of shining mirrors. Apart from reflecting your image, these can brighten up your wall -whether placed in clusters or as a one man army. This also makes the room look spacious.

wall mirrors decorwall mirrors decor
Image source: https://www.om-furious.net/wall-decor-mirrors/wall-mirrors-decor-tm-themes-wall-decor-mirrors-2/

23. Floor Rugs:

Traverse Recycled Wool, Polyster RugsBuy Traverse Recycled Wool, Polyster Rugs

Big floor rugs are the best option when your floors are not fit to be flaunted and your budget does not allow you to refurnish them.

24. Curtains:

Long, full length curtains can work just like freshly painted walls. Use curtains of different colours and prints and this will make your windows look large and wide.

curtains designcurtains design
Image source: https://realtruz.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/interior-decoration-enchanting-madison-park-pink-white-curtains-design-also-aluminum-rod-for-teenager-bedroom-window-treatment-elegant-modern-room-curtains-design-150x150.jpg

25. Hampers:

Pretty, coloured cloth hampers deserve something better than just dirty clothes. Use them to store umbrellas, raincoats or hats.

26. Hidden storage:

Your old looking thrifty tables can be a blessing in disguise. Use a table cloth to cover the table top and make a table skirt that completely covers the legs of the table. This can now be used as hidden storage space.

Cost Effective Decorating IdeasCost Effective Decorating Ideas
Image source: https://sew4home.com/sites/sewmk.mervideo.com/files/styles/large_728/public/1175-RR-Vanity_Skirt-1.jpg

27. Lamps:

Ceiling lights can often look boring and unappealing .What can be done? Well, there is no need of sticking to the ugly ceiling lights. Instead use different types of lamps like nightstands  or hanging pendant lamps that will be much more than a lighting product.

28. Shoe racks:

If you are adding a new floor to your house, make the stairs in such a way that it can be used a storage space.

Now, you don't have to look for the perfect place to hide your shoes anymore!

Shoe racksShoe racks
Image source: https://www.hafblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/wood-stair-designs-ideas.jpg

29. Balconies:

Your balconies or terrace lined with beautiful plants can be turned into a open air restaurant by either adding a banquette dinner arrangement or usual single seat chairs and table.

balcony decorating ideasbalcony decorating ideas
Image source: https://www.veritastic.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/balcony-decorating-ideas-on-a-budget.jpg

Now you can save money on those overpriced  air restaurant that are often crowded and noisy.

30. Lamp ideas:

You don't have to pay out to get those fancy lights from those so called fair priced stores. If you are a creative mind or have some around you, you can  have some real artistic lights made at home that can look way better than the one you get in the stores.

Lamp ideas
Lamp ideas
Image source: https://fashion.sportsdailyheadlines.com/uploads/201411/19/di/diy%20striped%20paper%20lamp%20shade%20crafts%20with%20butterflies%20garland%20-%20homemade%20lamp%20diy%20paper%20ideas-f29687.jpg

It will be hard to rate something like this on knowing that you have hardly spent any thing for this.

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