6 Tips to Accentuate your Interiors

DIY Interior Design & Decor Dated:  Feb. 15, 2016
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Niches Behind Sofa Designed by Interior Designer Shahen Mistry

You are done with the exterior work of the house. Your front facade looks great, the veranda too is made into a perfect outdoor  and the landscaping has made the look exemplary. Now its the time to focus on the interiors. Decor, lighting, positioning, colour palette - everything can have a significant effect on how your room will look like. As you go deeper, you may feel highlighting your room is not that easy. But, in reality, it isn't that hard.

Here are some free tips for you if you are about to start with the interiors.

Floor rugs

You cannot belittle the importance of floor rugs on how they can brighten up the space. A complimenting floor rug (either of a contrasting or a similar shade to that of the interiors) can bring together the decor of the floor making it look like a well planned interiors.

Fire place

Of late, we have started to appreciate the beauty of fire places in our homes. Apart from its obvious purpose of warming up the space, this can be a wonderful element to make your living or dining room more inviting. Now, living in a tropical region, we might not need a fireplace as we have moderate climate throughout, but we can definitely fake them to create a similar ambience with candles. Electric fireplaces are also available that can match the contemporary look of the interiors.

An electric fireplaceAn electric fireplace
Image Source: topfireplaces.com
Faux fireplaceFaux fireplace
Image Source: www.brickunderground.com

Paint the ceiling – the 5th wall

We often ignore the ceiling of the room while beautifying the interiors as if it never exists. But when all the four walls are done in the same shade (because your family does not want to go for a wacky accent wall), a change in the colour for the ceiling can give a strikingly attractive look to the room- like the one shown below.

ceiling PaintCeiling Paint
Image Source: twoinspiredesign.com

Layers of light

One of the common mistakes we do with the lighting is that we go for a standard lighting product throughout the interiors, paying little attention as to how it will enhance or diminish the look of the room. There are corners which need special attention, decor which looks better with a floor lamp next to it and  paintings  on the wall that need a spotlight to attract more eyeballs. Hence, layering with different and appropriate lighting products is a must if you need your guests to go speechless about your interiors.

Niches in the walls

Showcases have always being our choice  when we had something extra ordinary to show our guests. As time passed, we realised that this very storage space can itself be a piece of art. The below given idea is something you can try when its not just the artefacts you want to flaunt but the walls as a whole.

Niches Behind SofaDesigned by Interior Designer Shahen Mistry

Niches have been created as a backdrop for the sofa arrangement.  The inbuilt show case looks celestial with warm lights lit in every single cell.

Tiny contrasting elements

Subtle, neutral colours may be what you want to paint your room with. You go ahead, paint the rooms (not just the walls) and later realises that it is a bit too pale for your large living. What can be done? Just add in some bright contrasting coloured cushions or floor lamps. A strikingly different floor rug too can bring your room back to life.

bright contrasting coloursTiny contrasting elements
Image Source: www.kilim.coma

Do try them. Most of the tips look simple, don't they? These tiny tips can help you a great deal in giving a boost to the interiors.

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