Find Business Opportunities in China Sanitary Ware Market

Events Diary Dated:  March 2, 2017
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Guangzhou Int'l Sanitary Ware Fair (GSW 2017)

Thanks to the prosperity of real estate, China’s sanitary ware market is expected to grow through 2017 to 169 billion RMB and the penetration rate of sanitary wares will reach 59.3%, according to, the most authoritative market research web in China.

Seeing such a promising market, many international insiders have been itching to venture into China. However, do you know where to find business opportunities? What follows is some predictions made by insiders, and hopefully they will give you some clues.

Smart Sanitary Wares

According to the prediction of Forward, an experienced industry research institution, China’s smart homes market will be worth 139.6 billion RMB by 2018, and over a trillion RMB by 2025. With the impact of this smart home trend, sales for smart sanitary wares are expected to ramp up. Judging from the fact that the Chinese government has added smart toilet into its list of spot check in 2017, smart toilets have gained considerable popularity and acceptance among Chinese consumers. Beginning with the popularization of smart toilets, soon smart sanitary wares will sweep across China.

smart toilets

Toilets for Tourist Attractions

To improve the service of tourist attractions, last December in the tourism development plan, the central government proposed that during the 13th 5-year plan period, 100,000 new toilets should be installed in tourist attractions all across China. Later this February at the 2017 National Conference on Toilet Revolution, China National Tourism Administration demand that all 5A national attractions should be equipped with unisex toilets by the end of 2017. State media estimated through out 2017, up to 10 billion RMB will be invested into the construction and extension of 26,000 toilets in scenic spots.

Toilets for Tourist Attractions

Prefabricated Bathroom Units

First introduced to China in the 1990s, prefab bathrooms now have been commonly applied to hotels, hospitals, temporary units, ships, etc. Nevertheless, the penetration rate of prefab bathroom in residences is still low at 0.2% to 0.4%. But the good news is that with the government’s vigorous promotion of prefab housing, prefab bathroom unites begin to catch the eyes of real estate developers. Since 2013, Vanke, China’s leading real estate developer, has been introducing prefab bathrooms to their furnished units and numerous positive reviews have been made by the residents. Following the example of Vanke, Greenland Group has also adopted prefab bathrooms in its William Mansion project. Some insiders believe that in the next 5 years, a prefab bathroom market of over 40 billion RMB may be developed.

Prefabricated Bathroom Units

Besides the 3 trends mentioned above, more business opportunities are waiting for you at 2017 Guangzhou Int’l Sanitary Ware Fair (GSW 2017)! If you don’t want to squander your chances, please register for GSW 2017 now!


2017 Guangzhou Int’l Sanitary Ware Fair (GSW 2017)

Date: 12th-14th, 2017
Venue: Poly World Trade Center, Guangzhou, China


Content Courtesy: GSW Committee


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