A lot can happen at the coffee shop !! - 7 Inspiring coffee shop interiors

Interior Design Ideas & Tips Dated:  Feb. 1, 2016
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Cafe Shop Interior Design Idea by Interior Designer Pragnesh Parikh

Oh yes, a lot can happen over  coffee. Well, the coffee is definitely the star of the evening, but isn't it also the ambience you love about the place? The intoxicating aroma of roasted coffee beans, getting mixed with a hot cup of milk is sure to bring on smiles on your face, but to get the best of it, the place needs to keep up. To make it happen is this article showing you some of the coolest ideas to design an aromatic, flavourful cafe for your guests.

1. Rustic gold

Cafe Shop Interior DesignDesigned by Interior Design Firm ZeroGravityStudio

 A budget friendly tea shop design which sure will go well for coffee too. The interior is turned trendy and cool by the elements used. Wooden crates become the coffee table while milk cans transform into a stool with cushions on the top. Woven mooda and banquet seatings are used to bring in variance in seating arrangement. Kettle shaped pendant lights and bamboo baskets on the walls give the perfect punch to the rustic design.

2. Rich red with grey

Cafe InteriorsDesigned by Architect Abhinav Gupta

Red chairs and wood inspired  tables make up for a perfect rustic look to the cafe. The exposed walls flaunting pictures in black and white make for a chic backdrop for a corner table set for guests coming in individually. Wooden floors and uniquely designed panel for the ceiling makes the space look huge and spacious.

3. Cosy coffee time

Cafe Shop Interior Design IdeasDesigned by Interior Designer Sandeep Suman

The walls say it all. With graphic art panelled on one wall and graffiti on the other, the coffee shop flaunts chicness to a new height. The colours for the decor is wisely chosen keeping in mind the downpour ( or the side pour) of sunlight through the windows. Lucky ones get the tables set next to the windows with a world made in graffiti to be amused at while sipping a cup of hot coffee.

4. Beautifully crowded

Cafe Interior, DesignsDesigned by Architecture Firm Nostri Architects

The cafe interiors seems to be an outcome of some crazy and creative concepts.  Geometry becomes the central character of the space - different shapes and figures adorning the tables, reception and the thin air below the ceiling with uniquely cut out fibre plates. The space is deliberately made to look busy with loads of photo frames and lustrous pendant lamps.

5. A peaceful time

Cafe Interior DesignDesigned by Architect Sara Tilche

A roof top cafe in Bengaluru.

It is a time when rawness is coming back to trend. With unpolished wooden chairs and not-so- glossy floorings, the cafe is designed to be a true reflector of nature. With earthy shades used for the decor and green plants on and around the floor, the cafe is a perfect place to unwind after a long tiring day at work or for a lazy breakfast in the weekend.

6. Sweet as sugar

Cafe Design IdeasDesigned by Architecture Firm CollectiveProject

The name is sweet. So is the design of the cafe. With white walls, sleek and rosy chairs, the space is designed in a way which makes it hard to figure out whether you are indoor or outdoor. With glass doors and low height walls  the view through the walls is hardly objected, making a very airy ambience inside the cafe.

7. Coffee rich interiors

Cafe InteriorDesigned by Interior Designer Arnav Khanna

Looks like the designer is truly  inspired by the richness of coffee .From plush sofas to upholstered chairs and the flooring, various shades of brown fills the space which wraps the rooms in warmth. The screen between each table is stencil holding cups and spoons. The bold look of the cafeteria reaches a new height with solid cubical pendant lights. 

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