Cafe Idly Interiors - The Founder's Story

Design & Decor Selfies Dated:  Jan. 27, 2015
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Right from our college days, if there was one place we would hangout other than college and home, it was the friendly neighborhood coffee shop. As Starbucks' Howard schultz put it, he wanted to position starbucks as a third place between work and home. We had a similar vision too, we created cafeidly because we could not find one. Not a single place which sells traditional south Indian food in a cafe environment. All we could find were the Darshinis and Sagar type joints which look, taste, smell the same, and there was no customer service to write home about.

The concept behind cafeidly is "traditional south indian food served with a touch of rock music" as we loved South Indian food and rock music too. We wanted our cafe interiors to reflect the same concept - a heady mixture of rock and good, wholesome South Indian food.

We thought lets bring these two together, after all Bangalore is regarded as the rock music capital of India.

We had envisioned to create a hard rock cafe style cafe serving South Indian food. A small and inviting space that smells like filter coffee and tastes like idlies.

It’s the coziness and warmth brought about by the concept itself. We adorned the walls with Original LPs of classic rock era which we had collected through the course and hung a classic electric guitar which acts as our center-piece. The guitar is accompanied by rock tapes from yesteryears. The lighting is soft and adds to the overall coziness. Since the place is small we fixed a large mirror opposite to the counter to make the place look bigger.

The effort has worked very well for us, we have a quite a number of music lovers across ages who drop in to sip a hot cup of coffee or take a bite of our super soft idlis and listen to tracks of Eric Clapton, Jimi, GnR, Scorpions or The Eagles. The concept has also got us overwhelming media attention from BBC world to almost all local and national publications. It only shows that its not about how big or small the place is but how well you make use of it. Even a small space when tastefully designed according to a concept, can work wonders.

Cafe Idly, Bangalore founders, Dinesh
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Berger Silk Designzz
and Rajesh Bhaktinathan

Since we already had a mental picture of the place we wanted to create, in your minds, we did not need an interior designer to bring the concept to life. In fact we nailed all the frames and the guitar ourselves. May be that's why our customers say that this place has a soul.

Make sure to drop by to admire our design skills over a sumptuous South Indian meal while listening to the Rock Greats. You will find the coordinates on

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