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Courtesy: Silvia D's Blogspot showcasing a sketch by influential Ar. Glenn Murcutt

The Dying Art of Sketching in Architecture

Expert Advice | Author: Riddhima Sharma

“Do you have the ability to sketch?” “I want to be an architect but I can't draw, doesn't everybody just do 3D modeling these days?” Architecture students tend to ponder over, or face questions like these all the time.  Firstly architects just don’t do 3D modeling, secondly the issue is ...


5 Reasons to Hire a Great Architect for your Dream Home

Expert Advice | Author: Shashirekha

A lot of us believe architects are hired for aesthetics as they help you to with come up with a good design for the elevation of your building. An aesthetically appealing elevation design is only 20% of an architect’s role in your project. The other 80% is not understood by ...

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What to look for when choosing an architect

Expert Advice | Author: Milind Pai

“The Creativity, Attention to details and professional advice of an architect can be invaluable to the success of any build project.” From suggestions on how to make the best use of space and light, to fittings, materials and fixtures, the professional input can give the smallest of projects the ‘Wow ...

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