8 Types of Ceiling Lights - Options, Tips & Ideas

Home Lighting Dated:  Oct. 27, 2016
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Ceiling Light Decor Idea by Ar. Dameem Ansari M

Strategic lighting can completely change the ambiance of the room. Gone are the days when people used to just install a generic tube light. With over thousands of options available the architects are taking full advantage of this and playing with different type of ceiling lights to accentuate the personality of the space. Light designers are exploring like mad, and experimenting with various forms of light. Many designers are shifting from the conventional approach to designing a light fixture and integrating ethereal forms of life and demonstrating it through light.

After talking about how to choose the perfect ceiling light for different spaces of your house we are going to discuss the various types of ceiling lights.

chandeliers lightsChandeliers Lights
Image Source: ana-rosa.tumblr.com/post/34030050562/viahttpwwwfrenchgardenhousecom


Everyone is well aware of chandeliers and what its presence can do for your eyes and your room. They are easily the most ornate form of ceiling lights. Especially the ones composed out of iridescent crystals. If you to be flashy then pick one of these grandiose chandeliers perfect for the living room. The chandelier can be categorized further into candle shaped, crystal or drum. The candle chandeliers give a very rustic and bucolic feel to the space eminently if it is in brass or copper.

Pendants LightsPendants Lights
Image Source: msds-studio.ca


Pendants are just like the pendants you wear. It is a single light hung from the ceiling. The bulb can either be kept exposed to give a very simple and pastoral look, or it can be encased in an ornamental casing to give a more dramatic appearance. You can really experiment with the type of casing you want. You can go for clear glass or metal finish, or something more abstract and fluid.

Flush LightsFlush Lights
Image Source: www.decorema.com

Flush Lights:

Flush lights flush with the ceiling. So the source of light is not visible. The bulb is cocooned in a metal shell which sits an inch or two inside the ceiling. Flush lights are a good option for lighting in halls, and bedrooms. You can experiment with different hues to add a bit of a show to your room.

Semi-flushed LightsSemi-flushed Lights
Image Source: centophobe.com


The light source is still not visible, and it is still encased in a cover. The cover suspends usually an inch or two below the ceiling. Don’t get confused between this and the chandeliers. They make a good addition in foyer and entrance areas usually.

Island LightsIsland Lights
Image Source: bestfriendsforfrosting.com

Island Lights:

Island lights are like pendant lights but it is never a single light. A few pendant lights clubbed together can be termed as island lights. It is usually found above the kitchen islands. They infact look great over the kitchen islands.

Ceiling FansCeiling Fans
Image Source: suburbanpop.com

Ceiling Fans:

This one is rather vintage and gives a classic look to your room. In the ancient age ceiling fans used to come with lights. They can be a good choice in the living room or the porch. Not very suitable for bedrooms.

Track LightsTrack Lights
Image Source: www.desiretoinspire.net
Track LightsCeiling Lights Options
Image Source: www.diyandmag.com

Track Lights:

These are absolutely my favorite kind of ceiling lights. Very simple, and basic. Lights are fixed onto the tracks which run across the length of the ceiling. Usually two or three tracks run at equal spacing on the ceiling. You can chose the shade of the light you want to place, needless to say. Perfect choice to highlight any artwork, or a wall!

Recessed LightsRecessed Lights
Image Source: recessedlighting.com

Recessed Lights:

Very versatile, subtle, and unobtrusive source of light. Commonly seen over large paintings and artwork, or other decor details which needs to be highlighted. There are two types of recessed lighting. One is the standard one where the bulb is encased in a shell and the other one is gimbal where the source of light is rotational and can be moved as per your convenience to highlight anything.

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