Architects Dated:  Oct. 7, 2015
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Celebrate Architects

There are Architects who still believe in the power of hands rather than the power of CAD. But, technology has embraced and held us in such a tight corner that every action of ours demands an easy means. This means of technology could positively be used to avail and reach out to the unreachable. As Architects, know why and how you should do the same.

The tedious life of an Architect sets off with the Golden Ratio and doesn't end anywhere. He lives through his buildings which stand still even after his death – that's the 'timeless' specialty of architecture. The community of Architects, because of their interactive and inquisitive nature, learn to know something about everything. Start a discussion with them and you will know for yourself!
To reach this, he has undergone the toughest times thereby concluding that they are never ending. 

His paradox of emotions could be comprehended by realizing the unfillable gap between the range of situations he faces in his career. Moments of happiness while submitting his design for the first live project knows no bounds and stays incomparable to moments he struggled through the nights to complete the drawings for the same project. Or to put it simple, he doesn't mind working hard !
This gives a broad essence of the efforts taken by an Architect to reach 'somewhere.' 

The trending 'smart-city' concept has been experiencing deliberations and discussions all over the country. Our Prime Minister might be the master-mind behind this new evolution, but the implementers are going to be Architects and planners. Only when we know the creators, we can enjoy the creation!

Every city enjoys broad day light because of the nights spent in shaping it.


Appeal to Architects:

Do people remember you when they see the buildings that you have designed?
Do people attempt to know or find the architects of all the great buildings they see and marvel?

People admire buildings and designs, but not the designers. Therefore, as Architects, it is better stop playing the backstage role and come to the fore front to demand more visibility.

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Lets #CelebrateArchitects.

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