Cement bonded wood boards: Suitable For Every Season

New Launches Dated:  Jan. 4, 2014
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When Cement comes to the scene, one thinks only about the walls and ceilings and floor, But "Bison Panel", a Board Division of the NCL Group, deals from floor to roof and everything that comes in between. Bison Panel is a Cement bonded wood particle board. With its authenticity and irresistible design and texture of wood, it meets all specifications and environmental regulations for standards of durability, safety and economy. 

At the Ace Tech Exhibition, New Delhi 2013, which is Asia's largest Architecture, Construction, Engineering, Design, Interiors, Building Materials, and Allied Industrial Exhibition; Bison Panel Exhibited its wide range of Cement bonded wood boards and its star features which are:

  • Fire resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • Termite resistant
  • Sound insulation
  • Wood workability
  • Chemically stable,
  • Dimensionally stable and 
  • Smooth surface. 

HIGHLY WEATHER RESISTANT: As Cement is the chief material used in the matrix of Bison Panel and twice the wood flakes are mineralized, board is highly durable and best suited for exterior applications like -

  • Facia boards for exterior claddings of the facades of the buildings.  Slant Roof
  • Sheet materials for outdoor hoardings.
  • Underlay for roof sheets.
  • Wall Claddings / Prefabricated Structures (Entire House is constructed using Bison Panels).
  • Prefabricated Structures for instant shelters

Their Focal Point of setting up a stall for exhibition at the Ace Tech was just to impart knowledge, because of the people being ignorant about the satisfaction one can attain by using Bison Panel, Cement Bonded Particle Board.

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