It's Christmas time!! 14 Awesome decor ideas for the season

Festive Decor Dated:  Dec. 22, 2015
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Xmas Decoration Ideas for Indian Homes

Christmas Christmas time is near 
Time for happiness, time for cheer

And it's that season of the year again !!- the coldest month bringing  the warmest memories.

Christmas is round the corner and we are all busy shopping and decorating our homes.

It is one of the seasons of the year we all wait for and we are never too prepared for it. Its time to take those stars, X mas trees and fairy lights back from the cupboard. The cold chilly winter nights are soon to turn warm and glittery.

No matter how much we decorate our homes, we never overdo it. The more the lights and colours, the more the happiness and warmth.If you are planning to do that little extra this time, the following ideas will surely be of some help. And for the  ones doing the Christmas decor for the first time, this will be a complete guide to start with.

1. Xmas star:

Star - the messenger and symbol of the birth of baby Jesus. No decoration starts without planting a star.

Either its the Christmas tree or your balcony, star is the foremost decor you would love to have at your home. Beautiful, glowing stars hung in the veranda, dispelling the darkness of the cold nights is a complete delight to watch.

Xmas starXmas star
Image source:

2. Crib - for the baby boy:

Crib-symbolising the manger where Jesus was born, is another very essential part of Christmas decor.

3. X mas tree:

X mas treeX mas tree
Image source:

A lush green X mas tree in the living room, ornamented with colourful fairy lights, glittering balls, snowmen and angels, snow flakes and gifts is the perfect way to give the house the cheerful look for  the season.

4. Decorate the lawn:

Snowmen are the first image that flashes to our mind when we think of the cold decembers.
It might not be possible to make a snowman in the tropical region like ours, but does that mean we can't have one at all?Not at all. Bring those cuddly snowman right to your lawn. How ?

Decorate the lawn
Decorate the lawn
Image source:

Bring out your creative side this Christmas. Take your kids along, make some snowmen with cardboard or thermocol and have fun in the process.
Remember, it need not always be perfect! You will realise that such fun time you spend with your family is  priceless.

5. Door wreaths:

Door wreathsDoor wreaths
Image source:

Door wreaths give the perfect welcome smile to  those giggly, cheerful  Christmas carol and the guests you have invited to share the joy of the season.

6. Snow flakes:

You are lucky if the winter is not harsh on you. But if you want that snow to rain on you, hang some artificial snow flakes at the doorways and balconies.

christmas Snow flakes Decorationchristmas Snow flakes Decoration
Image source:

7. Fireplace:

Warmth giving fireplace becomes warmer with the season. 
Your  fireplace gets a gleeful makeover  with stockings and glitter balls outlining those old brick walls.

christmas fireplacechristmas fireplace
Image source:

8. decorate those stairs:

When the whole house is twinkling with stars, glitter balls and fairy lights, why to leave the stairs?
Garland the pretty staircases with those green bushy wreaths,  teeny weeny stars and snowflakes.

stairs decorationstairs decoration
Image source:

9. Painting:

If you were waiting for the right time to add a fresh coat of paint on  those walls, there is no better time than this. Make the walls look bright and sunny to pose a perfect frame for your X mas tree or the crib.

10. Furniture:

When Christmas is in the air, everything needs to blend in with that spirit.Gift your sofas a fresh set of linen. The ultimate choice would be the red and white combination (its going to make the santa happy too!)

christmas home decorchristmas home decor
Image source:

11. Decorate your kids room:

Christmas is nothing less than a fantasy time for the kids. To make it more happening for them, tiny and easy decor ideas can be applied to their bedroom - for instance, making a 2D christmas tree on the walls, replacing the table lamp with cute star shaped lights and so on.

Dining table decoration for the Christmas get together

We are definitely inviting our cousins and friends for the Christmas dinner at our home. The menu has been  decided, the fine crockery is out from the cupboards, now its the time to set the table. Make the table more inviting by placing  some 'Christmas delights'  along with the food.

12. Candles:

Candles are always a delight on a dining table. But these burning beauties become even more special at certain occasions- one, definitely being Christmas.

christmas table decorationschristmas table decorations
Image source:

The gorgeous red candles surrounded by decoration balls and beads on white platter is so enticing that  the guests are on their seats before the dinner time.

13. Fruit bowl for baubles:

The usual fruit bowls can  take a day's leave. Instead fill the bowl with colourful baubles. Let there be some shine and shimmer on the table.

Christmas Dining Table decorationsChristmas Dining Table decorations
Image source:

The shining gold and red balls has lifted up the elegance of this small yet classy glass dining table.

14. Hanging candles:

If you have planned a grander Christmas party this year and are worried if the table will be large enough to be decorative, move a little higher than the table top and you have found the  solution.

christmas hanging candles decorationschristmas hanging candles decorations
Image source:

Instead of loosing space for the candles on the table, you can have a hanging candle stand with tiny candle bars. The look can be enriched with having a couple of bunches of fresh cherries or plums.

These evergreen Christmas decor ideas will lit up your house and your heart with joy.  Let the lights and colours of this festival that we fill our home with ever remain in our life.

Wishing you all a very joyous Christmas and a happy, prosperous New Year.

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