Classic wall decor

Wall Accents Dated:  March 3, 2014
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Designed by: Aamir Sharma

Classic wall decor is unbeatable and can never go out of style. These items and trends have long been in place and are hard to replace despite the numerous contemporary options. The wall art available today has endless options; yet the lure of the old and classic touch, feel and style survives in many a home in India. It is always present in those Rajasthani Havelis, old Gujarati homes, the Tamil households and in the rustic homes of Himachal. These are the walls that retain the native charm and the ethnic art of India. They are the scions of erstwhile grandeur who have been holding on to the glories of past.
Here are a few tips on where and how to create that classic look:

Be it Alibaba or eBay or a number of other online shopping portals; it is as easy as typing in your requirement for that handmade tapestry. They are available by the region – from Kolkata to Punjab – you can pick and chose at your own ease. All you need to keep in mind is that the colors and the size go with the theme of the room. The designs range from depictions of our mythological stories to scenes from the Nature and from the folk lore and life of that particular region. The work on the tapestry differs as per region. You may find cut outs of colorful fabrics or you may even go for one with sea shells and mirrors. The zari and embroidery work is also very popular.

Carved wood
The wood work in India is entirely in a class of its own. The work differs as per the region where you are getting it from but none lacks in style or class. The easiest way to give a classic wall décor

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Berger Silk Designzz
your walls is by decorating it with few choice pieces of carved wood. If you are looking for real antiques you may have to shell out a bit of coin but if you are OK with replicas it won’t be a problem. Though, I would say if you could then you should always pick up these pieces during your travel. If you keep your eyes open, you may come across a valuable piece tucked in a street corner.

They are not everyone’s cup of tea but those who love mirrors know how to spot a good one and where to place it on the wall. Mirrors were always part of the hall ways and walkways in almost all buildings. Walls and mirrors have long been cozy bed fellows and none can take that away. The contemporary mirror market has created wonders and the best of them can be had in any Chinese market at the best of prices and in endless designs. 

Art & Craft
Whether it is the Bastar bronzes or the heavily worked bronze lamps from Kerala; you are utterly spoiled for choice. The antique elephant bells have always been in vogue and still sell a great deal.

Travetine Effect Classic Decorative Paint
classic chair
Wall Decor The Tree
favorite among foreigners is the Tibetan prayer wheel and prayer boxes. Not to forget the Mandalas and Tangkas. The list has no end because the art and craft in India is as varied as the continent itself. All you need to do is search for what suits your style and taste.


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