Home Interior Design: 6 Types of Color Contrasts and Ideas

Decor Tips Dated:  July 29, 2015
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Living Room Design Idea by Ar. Kunal Meni

A Colourful place is a cheerful place. Colours play a significant role in our lives be it in our day to day outfits, our surroundings or the interior of our house for that matter. The contrast in colors is representative of the psyche of the inhabitants. Different hues are indicative of different moods. However, only a correct contrast is appealing to eyes.

This article suggests some interesting color contrasts and explains the effects and moods they create. 

1. Bright  with lightBright colors generally give sunny appearance. These include yellow, orange, red. They represent joyful mood and fill the room with gaiety. These colours when contrasted with lighter shades like white give the room a serene and calm look. The atmosphere seems mild and comforting with this contrast.

Bright with light
Bright with light - Pinal & Falguni Thakur Penthouse Apartment

2. Bright with darkThe moment we think of dark colors, the idea of a dull and drab atmosphere haunts our mind. But when we contrast dark colors with bright ones, the interior becomes soothing and manages to get praise. Dark colors generally comprise of black and brown which when have a share of yellow or orange mixed with them brings life to the room.

Bright with dark Bright with dark - Bihani Residence

3. Bright with brightTwo negatives when put together result out in a positive. Thats exactly the case when we go for a bright contrasting with another bright hue. They turn out to be an extravagant and even brighter look. These contrasts are preferred to enlighten up a dull room where hardly any sunlight reaches. Not only do such combinations keep the room glowing but also show lesser need of lighting.

Bright with bright Bright with bright - The House of Yellow Shadows

4. Dark with darkOne might feel surrounded by complete darkness when one enters an area done with two dark color combination. However, this contrast is an inviting one. For those who prefer a solemn atmosphere, this proves to be the best choice. This blend of dark hues makes an excessive spacious area look smaller and multiplies in its decor when dark walls are done with lighting.

Dark with dark Dark with dark - Bharath Chellani

5. Light and DarkContrary to this notion of bringing together two opposite colors and therefore making the combination look abrupt, this contrast is all the more interesting. Balanced with proportion of light and dark colours, it gives the room an air of freshness. Light colors like white, aqua, light blue, ligher shades of green, pink when contrasted with black, brown, maroon or violet prove to be an awesome choice for people who have a taste for both colors.

Light and Dark Light and Dark - Nima House

6. Multicolour contrastAll in one is what one must call it. This bright and beautiful contrast of multi colours is eye catchy and inviting too. The mix of different colors makes a small room look larger and spacious too. The room shares an effect of both warm and cold colors thereby mantaining moderate atmosphere. However, this contrast is most recommended for kid,s room for their playful mood.

Multicolour contrast Multicolour contrast - Lanco Home, Hyderbad

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