Conference room interior designs- for some good business

Office Design & Decor Dated:  Jan. 27, 2016
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Conference Room Design Idea Interior Designer Arnav Khanna

Conference rooms are the vital of sections of an office. This is where serious business happens- where your employees come up with innovative ideas and where your clients give you the final nod for the proposals. Needless to say, such a room should have the best of facilities and convenience so that the meeting is conducted smoothly and turns out  fruitful.

Conference RoomConference Room Designed by Architecture Firm Suchith Mohotti Associates

The room is kept simple with easy revolving chairs and sleek table. Chair for the person presiding over  the meeting is set apart from others with high back revolving ones. The ambience is kept earthy and natural with colours inspired  by nature- Olive green for chairs, woody brown  for cabins and soil red carpets.

Conference Room DecorationConference Room Decoration by Architect Puran Kumar

A well designed conference room with both modern and classic touch. The chairs are ultra modern with adjustable seat heights and trendy look while the large table is made of quality wood. To avoid an uneasy and cluttered atmosphere, the room is served with plenty of free space.  Large floor sized windows let in ample amount of natural light and gives a panoramic view of the skyscrapers making  meetings less stressful.

The Conference Room with Glass Windows AroundThe Conference Room with Glass Windows Designed by Architect Aamir Sharma

If your office is a multi-storey one, this conference room shows why you need to have a conference on the ground floor. Surrounded by greenery from 3 sides and large transparent windows to bring it the natural beauty, the conference room gives an inviting look to the employees and clients. A scary and typical conference room is turned into a fresh and friendly one by designing it in a way that keeps it close to nature.

modern conference room designModern Conference Room Design by Architect Salil Ranadive

This conference room has every element in place which is needed for a healthy conference. With unique lightings, woody patch work on the floors and projector system, the room is complete with both utilities and aesthetics.

conference room design tipsConference Room Design Tips by Interior Designer Nitin Sharma

For an organisation big in business and workforce, meetings and conferences are usually big and a daily affair.  To hold such a big meeting, without making it look overcrowded, U shaped conference tables can be used which make the room less stuffy. To compensate the inaccessible nature from the room, plenty  of greens are included in the room.

Setting mikes to communicate with such a large audience is a wise idea to make the conference effective.

Now that you have some inspirational designs to take  clue from, let us talk about some of the essentials  that you cannot miss out  in a conference room.

1. Good quality furniture

Conference means business and you cannot afford to settle for cheap furniture as it might have unwanted effect on your dealings if things go wrong.

2. Sufficient lighting

Recess lights are a must for a conference setting. Additionally, some standard fancy lights can be used to lessen the scary formal look.

3. Do not overcrowd

If your conference room is not spacious enough, do not go for heavy furniture even though they are high on utility. People would like an airy atmosphere more than a crowded one with loads of functionalilty.

4. Round tables are better

Interactions and dialogues are the bases of an effective conference. Round tables can serve you best for such effective communication which enables a better view of the entire group present for the meeting.

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