Give your house a stunning make over- Contemporary renovation ideas

Interior Design Ideas & Tips Dated:  Jan. 7, 2016
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kitchen with marble neoclassical dining table

With changing times, we need to make changes in every spheres of our life. There are things which become outdated or obsolete with time and need to be either replaced or renovated.
Now a possession so huge and revered as our home, renovation can be a big deal.
If there is little in your mind right now, about how to start with, the following tips will help you.

Living Rooms:

Living rooms ought to be the best of all since its the space where you entertain your guests and  spend most of your time on an average. It there is anything which makes it less entertaining, it needs to taken care of at the earliest.

1. False ceiling can be an excellent way of making the living room a more entertaining experience for your guests if the ceiling gives a deserted and old look.

2. If you are despair that your living room is too small to add any visual effects, you will be happy to be proved wrong. For example, the walls behind your TV can be turned into a gallery flaunting some great textures and patterns. The effect is more pronounced when the rest of the walls are done in a contrasting shade.

Alternatively, the TV can mounted on a panel highlighting the space.

Living RoomDesign by: Interior Design Firm Anish Motwani Associates

3. Sometimes, the decor can do the magic. If the room looks stuffed with boxy, heavy furniture, a minimalistic approach can be followed. Replace them, with sleek and stylish ones.


Since bedrooms can be given a more personalised look than any other rooms, renovation becomes simpler. Most of us want to create a bedroom based on a theme. Theme based rooms are easier to accomplish than we think.

1. For instance, if you are inspired by the nature's beauty, a few changes can get your bedroom the desired look. Wooden floorings, expansive wood finished  windows or wood panelled wall behind the beds can all bring the look of the room more close to nature.

Bedroom with Wooden flooringBedroom with Wooden flooring
Image source:

2. Large, space consuming wardrobes can be replaced with inbuilt wardrobes( by creating cavity on the walls and fixing separate doors for them). This will create more free space in your bedroom.

Bedroom Design with Wooden wall mounted wardrobe cabinetsBedroom Design with Wooden wall mounted wardrobe cabinets
Image source:


With the space becoming more and more limited, we are forced to cut down our 'space consumption' drastically. And with this comes the problem of making the room look stuffed and cluttered.
Bathroom is usually the one which tops the list while going for small space functional units, which eventually make it hard to use them because of the choc-a -bloc look they give.

Make tiny changes to make it look more airy and easy.

1. Instead of an expensive stone surfaced wash counter, go for medium sized wash bowls set on cabinet tops that will serve you as storage spaces. Cabinets of floor lengths can be avoided since they make the room look heavily congested.

washbasin with cabinetwashbasin with cabinet
Image source:

2. Wall mounted toilets too are great space savers.

3. Instead of wall partition dividing the shower space from the rest of the space, framless glass doors can be used, giving it a more airy look.

4. If you are fond of having giant mirrors(which helps in  making the room look larger),  go for door styled ones which opens to  storage space.

Bathroom mirrorBathroom mirror
Image source:


Kitchen- the heart of a house, needs to be convenient and at the same time give a spacious and clutter free look.

1. Cabinets can be used to hide large utensils and grocery items. This being said, the cabinets need not always conceal the content. Colourful jars, bottles and mugs can be showcased in cupboards with frosted glass doors which makes the kitchen colourful.

Modern House Renovation IdeasModern House Renovation Ideas Design by: Interior Designer Manali Sutaria

2. Instead of hanging all those spoons, ladles and whisks on the counter tops,which eats up the space, cabinets can be so made to act as holders. Alternatively the cupboard doors above the counter can be so designed to hold them.

kitchen with marble neoclassical dining tablekitchen with marble neoclassical dining table
Image source:

3. The space on the counter which we use for cutting and chopping can be made multi-functional by avoiding cabinets under the area. This will provide for the seating, making it both a part of kitchen and a coffee table.

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