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Kitchen Design & Decor Dated:  Aug. 18, 2014
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Designed by - Interior Designer, Sonali Shah

The kitchen in most cases these days, doesn’t just solve the purpose of a pantry anymore. It’s a breakfast and dinner room, an entertainment centre, a place to chill with your friends over a few cans of beer and quick fix snacks. A contemporary kitchen in most houses is all this and more. We’ll try to help you create a modern, contemporary kitchen while adhering to the latest trends. Read on.

Theme: The kitchen theme is a topic you’d like to broach even before you start designing. We mean addressing the colour scheme, the wall designs, the layout, modular kitchen designs (if any), etc. Whitey-white kitchens are very much in vogue, in recent times, but the viability could be an issue in the Indian context. So go with a wooden look. Have a wooden breakfast table at one end or the center, wooden cabinets and pendant lighting. If you’re going for a full-blown modular kitchen, make sure you deck up your walls in style.

Wall Designs: Wall designs these days are as important as anything else. Wallpapers should do the trick in a modern kitchen. A decal could also be done over a plain wall in order to liven it up. Decal designs could relate to food, or breaking the stereotype, it could be done as any random pattern or design that you have the hots for!

Shelving: Shelves are an important component in any kitchen. Employ magnetic pullout shelves in your work area and save space as well as increase it! Employ towel racks and cane or wicker baskets to store things in an attractive way.

Cabinets: A cabinet is one of those things you absolutely cannot do without! Its space at an absolute premium and you can show off all your exquisite tableware, glassware and cutlery. Even better, a closed cabinet helps

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to keep off dust in this modern day and age of pollution. Accent lighting is a sure-fire way to liven up that pretty little cabinet. Good quality wood brightens up the area with its rich polish.

Furniture: Kitchen tables and chairs are all very good. I would even take the liberty of saying that they exist in very few Indian homes if we look at it ratio-wise. While the idea of a breakfast table is great, we also like the idea of a kitchen counter with some trendy looking tall chairs to adorn it. The kitchen counter could be made of anything from a solid ply board to an old door which has been refurbished. It saves you money and gives you a great place to eat at, right?

Kitchen Fixtures: The faucets and sink you use are just as important as the rest of your kitchen. A deep sink and bar faucets are suggested. This will help reduce the splatter on your floor. Also, a bar faucet is a boon when washing vegetables or meat because of the targeted water flow. Waterstone faucets are another great option that you can explore.

Appliances: First word for you: Chimney. Get a good quality,

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end chimney if you don’t want to redo your walls every three months. If you are a baking fanatic, you would require an oven. Have a nice, big oven around. Portable barbeques are a lovely arrangement, brought to you by many online shops at a bargain, so treat yourself to some tikkas and kebabs on the weekends. Also, invest in a food processor and an electric whisk, which are must haves for any kitchen, anywhere.

Having a good kitchen can be therapeutic for a homeowner. Get in your comfort zone, chop some vegetables, bake some cookies and make decorating it the happiest memory of your life!

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