10 Great Examples of Creative Office Interiors

Office Design & Decor Dated:  Dec. 16, 2015
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Office Work Station Design by Interior Design firm High Tieds Interior Design

Office is a place which should be bursting with energy, optimism and productivity. Its often the place that witnesses innovations and ideas that are  built upon to become future's unavoidable helplines.

Therefore, it is of vital importance  that the work place we create provides employees the atmosphere to be at their best in performance, creativity and innovation.

Here are 10 examples of unique and creative office interiors that will guide you to plan an elaborate, stress free environment for your employees -your  most precious resource.

1. Brick Walled Cabin Interiors

This unconventional cool interiors is a unique blend of ancient style of  architecture and  loads of modernity. The cabin for the senior officer has been set apart from the rest of work space  not in terms of distance, but it terms of design. The brick walled cabin with wooden flooring and partial frost glass doors commands  the  boss the respect he deserves.

The work space for the employees is given a stress free look by incorporating art and textures into the walls.

Sprinklr Office Fitout - Office InteriorsSprinklr Office Fitout - Office Interiors Designed by Architect Neeraj Madan

The work space gives ample room for interaction amongst the employees as well.

Sprinklr Office Fitout -  Work StationSprinklr Office Fitout - Work Station Designed by Architect Neeraj Madan

2. Simplicity with Perfection

The office has been furnished  to perfection including every element that provide comfort, privacy  and the  look that defines a well organised work place. Glass doors with broad  dark window pane enhances the transparency. The corridors lined with potted plants  also brings in the the warmth of nature.

Workstation OfficeWorkstation Office Designed by Interior Design firm TheAtelier
Office LobbyOffice Lobby Designed by Interior Design firm TheAtelier

Talking about the work desks, the look is quite formal and executive-perfectly aligned and spaced to give a clutter free environment. With cupboards easily accessible to the employees, individual desks are well organised.

3. Show of colours

Some of us might want our office to look a bit different and edgy and break away from the usual dreary, boring look. Try including more lively colors to the work place and the feel is never the same. Bright and warm colours are sure to offer some extra energy and exuberance.

The one shown below will be a perfect inspiration.

Free Flowing LayoutFree Flowing Layout Designed by Architecture firm Studio An-V-Thot Architects Pvt Ltd
The Ladder and The Boxes of ColorsThe Ladder and The Boxes of Colors Designed by Architecture firm Studio An-V-Thot Architects Pvt Ltd

The desks are saved from the usual dull colours surrounding by using streaks of blue and yellow.
Right behind the chairs is a linear seating arrangement for a quick break.

The storage space is wonderfully transformed to a place oozing with vibrance. The boxes of dissimilar sizes is an idea to break away the conventional and monotonous look a storage space exhibits.

4. The Ultimate

One of the essential and inevitable space to be assigned in an office is a conference Room. The room has to be so designed and furnished that keeps up with the dignity and reflects the true image of the organisation.

The one shown below inculcates  all the essence of a professional set up -expansive conference table, well lit and furnished  with the finest of materials. The part of the ceiling parallel to the table has been crafted with wood to give a more bold and magnificient touch to the space.

conference tableConference Room Decor Designed by Architect Puran Kumar
Cafeteria DesignCafeteria Designed by Architect Puran Kumar

Cafeteria here looks inviting which adds cheerfulness to the time spend.

5. A lively office

Creative office interior designsCreative Office Interior Design
Image source: https://creatiwittyblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/creative-office-interior-designs-30.jpg

Offices like these can expect its employees to do a bit more every time. The interiors are so designed  to keep boredom and frustration way away from the employees. With opulent spacing, cheerful lights and  a  stress buster slide-employees will never be hurrying to leave for home. The theatre inspired seats are a never -seen before idea.

6. In the woods

Office Interior DesignOffice Interior Design
Image source: https://founterior.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/office-interior-design.jpga

For those who have great love for the woods  and always want to be in the lap of nature, there style will be a great inspiration. The reception desk  made of polished wooden planks piled one upon the other coupled with pendant light -looks like a work space right in the middle of the woods.

7. Unparalleled

Office Interior DesignsOffice Interior Designs
Image source: https://vipsottica.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Modern-Office-Design-Concepts-Inspiring-34-Modern-Office-Interior-Designs-Fantastic-Office-Interior-Concept.jpg

Stripes and lines form the basis for this office interior.  With diverging dividing walls between corridors and desks adorned with charming shade of green strips -there is a whole play of perspectives.

8. Desk of letters

Desk of lettersDesk of letters

Definitely one of the craziest ideas for office desks. The desks, as clearly visible from the picture are made into different alphabets keeping in mind the need for storage spaces and privacy. Viewed from the top, it reads 'fold yard'.

9. A fresh look

office cabin inspirationOffice Cabin Inspiration
Image source: https://www.washaap.net/wp-content/uploads/fresh-office-cabin-inspiration.jpg

The office bears a spacious and sleek look with chain like  seating arrangement. The need for separate cubicles to respect individual  privacy is looked after by low seats instead of using glass for separation. The red chairs go perfect with the ivory, greyish desk.

10. Luxury in black and white

Black and white is never out of fashion. When blended  in perfect proportion, these can make the space look well defined. The interior shown below is a perfect example. Everything between the  ceiling and  the floor in this office is either black or white-yet each bit is as appealing as it can get.

The floor again is in dual shades which gives a 3D effect.

luxury office ideas designLuxury Office Design Ideas
Image source: https://www.vangviet.com/wp-content/uploads/beautiful-luxury-office-ideas-design.jpg

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