Crescent Moon Tower - A marvel of Dubai

Design Reviews Dated:  Oct. 12, 2015
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Night view - 3D - Crescent Moon Tower

Dubai is the most populous city in the world and has been adding superlatives to its name in terms of tourism and trade. This is because of the transformation of the desert city of Dubai into a global city with the tallest building in the world. Being one of the most important traders of petroleum and oil products, the city of Dubai, with a futuristic vision, realized the gradual shortage of resources in the following years. Hence, the modern city of Dubai, with a focus towards tourism and development now constitutes a number of skyscrapers, making it an amalgamation of architectural marvels. Because of the ignorance towards contexts of geography and climate, the design of the skyscrapers allow the usage of artificial systems only, hence making it one of the most expensive cities on earth.

And not to forget, Dubai is one of the most actively committed places investing in technology and Architecture.

Bird's eye view of part of DubaiBird's eye view of part of Dubai

Apart from hosting world's tallest skyscraper (Burj Khalifa), world's first circular skyscraper, world's biggest mall, etc, a new proposal has been submitted to the 11th edition of Thyssen Krupp elevator Architecture award by a California based firm – Transparence House. 

The proposal is the Crescent Moon Tower, an architectural design project considered to be a multifunctional, remarkable and a futuristic one.

Crescent Moon towerCrescent Moon tower – 3d view

The tower takes the shape of a crescent moon with the following symbolic objectives:

  • Underlining or highlighting Dubai's association with the Islamic world
  • Demonstrating the level of technological and economic development reached by the Arab emirate.
Bird's eye view a 3DBird's eye view – 3D – Crescent Moon Tower

It has been proposed in a 220 hectare site in Za'abeel Park, a park northeast of Dubai World Trade Centre, not far from the desert. The region has been cleaned up and prepared for the construction of offices, hotels, homes and services for 50,000 Baku residents and 48,000 workers. It involves cutting-edge challenges in construction and consists of 33 storeys, a library, restaurant, cafes, open-air observation platform.

Competition entryCompetition entry – Crescent Moon Tower – Section – Transparence House
Crescent Moon Tower-3dNight view – 3D – Crescent Moon Tower

This moon shaped tower cutting the city's skyline has aroused immense expectations from around the world. This shall enhance the tourism, thereby attracting scientific, recreational and cultural activities.

Interior 3D viewsInterior 3D views
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