Latest Wall Decoration Trends in India

Wall Accents Dated:  Jan. 29, 2014
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Img Credit: Hameeda Sharma

Gone are the days of those ornamental Victorian art and wall hangings. The contemporary world has moved on to simple, clear and clean color schemes and designs. The modern colors are neutral and are usually offset by a deeply colored wall that accentuates the entire room. The wall accents today are bold, personalized and reflective of the people that live surrounded by those walls. To define the current trends in wall décor I would suggest that you follow the principle of – Simple yet Elegant. Follow this concept and you will find it very easy to capture the trendiest wall décor. Here are a few things that you could keep in mind:

1.    Let us start at the most basic concept which is the material used for building the walls of your dream home. Be it concrete, granite or lacquered wood; just make sure that it is in line with the kind of wall accents you have in mind. 

2.    The paint on your walls is the next step. The modern scheme is rather minimalistic and even downs the color scheme. Keep the base neutral by using white, beige or pastels and then add a dash of a brightly colored pattern – you could use shiny orange, fire red or even deep purple or fuchsia. Textured paint is the in thing with its metallic finish in gold, copper and silver. You can also get it in glossy shades. It gives a beautiful finish to your walls and to top it all, it also highly resistant to peeling, flaking and fading. Since it is thick it cans easily hide surface damage and cover minor defects. Textured paint consists of certain additives that make it durable and strong.

3.    The modern living rooms are designed with the idea of letting in a amount of natural light. Large windows are the best option but they are not always feasible. So, a good idea would be to use artificial lights in such a manner that the walls get highlighted and low lighted in a tasteful manner. A lot of people are using the hidden lights in a very creative style. They often use a blue white glow instead of the usual yellow or white.

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4.    Next step is selecting the art and craft that will adorn your modern home walls. The sky is the limit when it comes to selecting the pieces to adorn those walls. Most of it will end up reflecting our personal likes and taste. So make sure you select the items carefully and make your mark on those walls. 

5.    Select from a huge variety of candle holders; they are the in thing now a day and come in a variety of shapes, designs and colors. People are increasingly using native art and craft like that comes from the tribal hinterlands of Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Nagaland, Punjab and Kerala. Each region has its own unique artistry and charm. These brass, iron and bronze pieces give a rather elegant ambiencethe walls.

6.    It is not necessary that you have a Raja Ravi Varma or M. F. Husain paintings adorning your walls. You can get a pretty good array of modern art in most art stores or can even try your own hand at one. You may have noticed many houses proudly putting up their children’s water color painting s or pencil drawings on their walls. The modern style is to be original and reflect your own creativity and art as much as you can. So take another look at the home grown talent; before you go scouting for it in the outer realms. 

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