Deck up Your Outdoors with the Colours of Spring

Outdoors Dated:  Jan. 30, 2014
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The winter doldrums has retreated, birds are stretching out their wings and white snowflakes have given away to sparkling green buds. Welcome Spring! Around this time of the year, the nature is at its best, inviting us to soak in the crisp fresh air and velvety radiance of the spring sun. It’s also the time, when we slip out of our winter hideaways and step out in the open.  While it’s definitely fun to plan a spring vacation or a short picnic with friends and family, nothing can compare with the bliss of sipping a refreshing fruity drink in the afternoon or fire up delectable barbeque dishes in the evening in your very own welcoming porch.


Set the spring mood flowing in your outdoor living space with these inspirational décor ideas.


Front Door

Make a spring style statement with a beautiful address signage on your front door. A lightweight, wooden name plate would look much pleasing to eyes than its metal counterpart. Another alternative for door decorations is to use traditional or fancy wreaths, either handmade or bought from the market. Also place succulents, flower pots and baskets on the front door and roll out doormats with flowers or butterfly motifs on them to welcome your guests.  



Spring Garden

Bring the green cheer in your garden by planting springtime flowers.  Most of the people opt of early bloomers like snowdrops, daffodils, phlox or pussy willow to get a quick start to springtime. However, you should also invest in lilacs and peonies, which take a longer time to grow but present a picturesque effect in their full bloom.  Ideally, your garden should include varied species and colours of flowers and plants, ranging from ground covers to trees. 


Outdoor Furniture & Decor

The evergreen, classic wicker furniture and rocker chairs top the outdoor furniture list. High on comfort quotient, they make the perfect pieces to lounge around in your garden or patio. If you are looking for contemporary designs, try Adirondack chairs, portable picnic table set, ottoman or chaise lounge. Use soft textures and vivacious floral prints for soft furnishings.  Accessorize the furniture through pottery and statuary artifacts. 



Bird Houses/Bird Nests

Let the chirping of birds play a melodious symphony in your outdoors. All you have to do is to make some space for a bird house or bird nest in your garden. From a rustic looking to an ornamental bird house, you will find plenty of options to lure spring birds to your house.



Water Fountains 

A gentle flowing stream of water will enhance the beauty of your porch and also have a calming effect on your senses.  You can choose from wall mounted, tabletop or floor water fountains, depending on how small or large your outdoor living space is.  



Wind chimes

Tinkling resonance of wind chimes will further accentuate the beauty of your outdoor space. Hang them in your veranda, on the branches of trees or wherever it sounds pleasing to your ears. Make your own wind chime using bells, beads or jewelry or take your pick from the extensive variety available in the market.


Plan a cozy night under the stars by illuminating your exteriors with solar powered path lights, LED bulbs, wall mounted fixtures, tall post lights and spot lights. And if you want to go green, then lanterns and scented candles would provide a dreamy ambience to you.



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