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Decor Tips Dated:  Jan. 1, 2014
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Relax! You are not the only person on this planet dealing with cleaning out the household clutter that has almost become an everyday affair despite your earnest efforts to control it. And from what the stats would tell us, were we to conduct a survey in India- about 90 per cent Indians regard a neat, cluttered and well organized home as a far-fetched idea. 

Decluttering a home is certainly not a rocket-science. Yet, if undertaken with sincere efforts, it can be accomplished easily without taking up much time. Nevertheless, it is not a one-day job. Even Rome was not built in a day. All you need is a little patience before hitting a good start. But before you begin, identify the main cause of the problem.

The root of the Problem 

Well, if the problem just lay in whereabouts of things that usually get lost amid the clutter, there wasn't much an issue. Additionally, there is something grave which is deeply delved in the decor style followed by Indians- the practice. Traditional decor trend followed in the past was extremely lavish which in turn emphasized on stuffing in more than required.  The concept was- the more, the better.  And since the Indian minds have not yet recovered from the practice of old dAcor concept, they aren't yet ready to step in the new shoes.

First step towards success 

The modern living concept embraces neat and minimalist decor. There is a whole new air about a clutter free space. It's something that keeps the soul revived all the time. Hence, those who are used to the old concept . Though most challenging, yet this is the most critical step that would ensure a clutter free home. 

Decluttering Process elaborated 

Now, once you have made your mind to stash away the extra stuff, here are few pointers that ensure

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you meet your goals as soon as possible. 

Where to start? 

Lying amid a pile of clutter, yet having no idea how to proceed- This is a very common problem. Start with the things that you would never need. 

Get rid of useless- Get rid of all the useless stuff- furniture, rugs, curtains, utensils, books and clothes that you no longer need. Give yourself a day or two if required. This is the first step towards rescuing your house from the clutter monster.

The next step- Organize, Organize, Organize- When you are left with only the things you need, you can easily organize them one by one. The following steps might come in handy. 

Start small- Start with one corner of your house, declutter the shelf , then the table and so on. 

Make it big- If you are among those who would prefer accomplishing the task in a day, don't waste time. Schedule an hour or more for each room. 

Right things in right place- Make this a habit if you don't want to face the clutter soon.

A dustbin in every room a Ensure that you have a trash bin in every room and make a habit of stowing away the trash in these cans. 


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Set clutter-free standards for your living room and always adhere to these standards. Key- Plan a minimalist approach. 

Furniture and furnishings- Let the sofa and one or more lounges stay. Remove extra bean bags and ottomans if they are jamming the space in there. Stash away the cushions if you think you can do without it.

Curtains a Use neutral colored drapes and chic to make room for neatness. 

Decor Accents a Hang in only the essential accents on the wall. Don't overcrowd the space with something that would aggravate the decor. Place nothing but only a centerpiece on your coffee table 

Cabinets- Don't stuff up the cabinets with everything you want to display on the first hand. Decorate only the essential ones. 

Newspapers/Magazines- Place these safely in the ottoman boxes rather than stacking on the cabinet shelves or simply get rid of these if there is no use in future.


Apply the same approach to bedrooms too. Here are the pointers. 

The bed: Ensure that your bed is clutter free. Stack away comforters and quilts in bed boxes while you don't need them. 

The wardrobe: Organize different set of clothes in different chambers such that you can always find them easily without having the need to find them lying amid a pile.

The shelves and the bed tables: Reserve the bed tables only for table lamps or telephones. Bury your paper bills in the dustbin. Also, don't brim your shelves with whole ball of wax. 

The dresser: Instead of laying down perfumes and lotions in a mess on the table desk, place them in drawers. Buy a dresser with enough drawers to minimize the possibility of clutter on the dresser desk. 


Ensure that you have a modular kitchen with enough drawers such that you can hide all your kitchenware and appliances which are otherwise found lying atop of the kitchen counter. 


Get a roomy bathroom cabinet where you can easily stow all your toilette essentials. 

Adhere to the ABCs of minimalist decor 

Even after all these efforts, at some point of time, if you seem to notice any thing going out of place, fix it there and then. Make this a habit. Do it for the umpteenth time. It's going to give you a hard time in the beginning, yet once it's weaved in your habit, you would never find yourself playing one-on-one with clutter monster.

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