Decor Ideas for home with toddlers

Kids Room Interior Design Dated:  Jan. 1, 2014
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Frequent home renovation is not an offbeat thing when the situation demands. And it seems like you need to wear yourself out even more when your new born baby becomes active and actually mobile. Toddlers love adventure and your whole house seems no less than an inviting wonderland. They are pretty little investigators who'd love to bump into everything that comes their way. What if they shatter the China or the imported flower vase to the ground? You can't go on babysitting them all day and night 

In such a scenario, a wise parent would tweak the decor, making it flexible and more adaptable for the baby. Once you have set the things right, set them free allowing them to continue their adventures around the house. 

Here are some of the design ideas that you can incorporate in your decor- 

Safe floors everywhere:

First thing you need to ensure is floor safety. Toddlers are vulnerable to accidents and hence, its better to have your floors carpeted rather than exposed. Alternatively, you can opt for rubber flooring/padded flooring to ensure that the baby doesn't get hurt even if it lose balance accidentally. 

Lock up the delicate accents:

This is something that every decor enthusiast is worried about. You cannot let go of all your prized possessions, yet you can stow them up at a considerable height where despite all efforts, the baby cannot reach. 

Guard the kitchen:

Toddlers, when set free can wander far off and might bump into anything. The best way to avoid such chances is to guard your kitchen door with a fenced gate such that toddlers can't move further beyond that point. 

No fancy knick-knacks on lower shelves:

Despite stuffing up the lower shelves with exquisite decor accents and figurines, stash in some books or better keep them empty. 

Avoid furniture or accents with sharp details: 


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are pretty sure you don't want to babysit your kid all the time, get rid of furniture with pointed corners. Also, stash away all the stuff with sharp or intricate details. 

Install safety plug protectors:

Kids are usually seen to meddle with something which is forbidden. Well, despite all your instructions, they would go down and explore the exposed switchboards. Make sure that all the sockets are covered with safety plug protectors. Make sure that they fit well into the socket. 

Safe staircase : 

Despite all your warnings, the kids would climb the staircase. This is quite inevitable in your absence. If you have a staircase at home, make sure that there are railings on both the sides. Moreover, avoid steep stairs and carpet them if possible. 

Lock up forbidden places:

Kids are more drawn towards new spaces. If your house has a store/basement or attic, it's better to have them locked. 

Get your home built across these ideas and you can set your toddlers free without having the need to look after them all the time. 

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