Decorative Mirrors - Mirrors that are not just mirrors

Decor Accents Dated:  Jan. 18, 2016
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Decorative Mirror Frame Idea by Architect Debarati Bhattacharjee

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who is the  fairest of them all.

Don't really think if this is all we use mirrors for, nowadays.

Mirrors are no longer mere reflectors of our physical selves but of our personality and taste too. Gone are the days when we used  it only to admire our outer beauty. With the wide range of designs and materials they now come in, there is hardly any need of a decorative item for your walls. The walls can be accented with these stylish functional elements.

1. Marble street wall mirror

Marble street wall mirrorBuy:

Made with high quality synthetic wood and given a glossy marble finish, this can add to the contemporary look you have created for your house. The rustic pattern created on the frames can give it an edge over all the decorative items you may have at home.

2. Warli painted wooden wall mirror

Warli painted wooden wall mirrorBuy:

With the world becoming more modern in its lifestyle and sleeker with its possessions, our admiration for traditional decor is on a rise. For someone who loves to have such Indianness at home, a warli painted wooden mirror will be a perfect pick. Done to perfection, the mirror reflecting the exquisiteness of the tribal's creativity can brighten up the a dull room with its rich colours.

3. Sun with extra flames mirror

Sun with extra flames mirrorBuy:

Let your room be lit with some sun rays gleaming on your walls. The mirror with all flames and no frames makes a perfect wall decor for any room - though it can be a jaw dropping scene at the foyer.

4. Fine carved mirror

Fine carved mirrorBuy:

A tiny piece of beauty !

With rich gold frames moulded to form a gorgeous pattern around, the mirror gives a royal look to the room. To make the most out of such a mirror, make sure that it gets a deserving spot in your room- like the one shown here.

5. Reclaimed wood distress finish mirror

Reclaimed wood distress finish mirrorBuy:

We all know reclaimed wood can make excellent decoration items. If you are in for such a vintage look with reclaimed wood, how about a wood framed mirror ?

The mirror flaunts a chic look with  rich colour combination done to a stunning finish. Whether its contemporary or traditional look you paint your home in, this mirror will be a priceless addition.

6. Bubble wall mirror

Bubble wall mirrorBuy:

The design has been a favourite one when it comes to decorative mirror. The lustrous  silver coloured frame made into bubbles has the power to brighten any wall given it gets a perfect positioning.

7. Natural log slice mirror

A marvellous piece of art incorporates a mirror within itself.

Thin slices of natural log is embellished on the frame giving it a raw yet stylish look. This mirror can serve you as the  ultimate wall decal especially when minimalism is what your room needs.

Natural log slice mirrorBuy:

8. Wood engraved hand held mirror

Wood engraved hand held mirrorBuy:

Hand held mirror reminds us of the stories of queens and princesses which we admired watching in our childhood days. If that admiration still remains, here's a mirror just for you. With elegantly crafted designs and vibrant pink colour, this can also be a perfect gifting option  for your daughter.

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