Design for the differently abled

Decor Tips Dated:  Jan. 1, 2014
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The lives of differently able people have never been any better since the day darkness crawled into their soul. There might be no cure for their sufferings, yet efforts can be undertaken to suppress that suffering with a mission to make their lives better. Though, a complete alleviation is impossible, yet we can make things flexible and adaptable for them.

Apart from all care and concern we show them, we must envisage on making their world lot better than before. This can be done by devising a friendly home design layout keeping in mind the needs of the differently able.

Here are few decor ideas that would encourage these helpless individuals to live free and safe without any worries or liability.


  • Minimalist home: No matter what disability aspect an individual is suffering from, always make sure that your home design follows minimalist approach. Throw away the clutter and make the decor subtle; Get rid of ludicrous stuff if they take a lot of space. Also,there should be ample space such that walking around the house is easy.


  • Right Positioning of thingsThis point requires a keen deliberation if a family member is suffering from visual impairment. Call a design professional and get things customized.
  • Go for wider bathrooms (minimum of 36 inches) and the space must be free from obstructions.
  • Install toilet seats of length not more than 19 inches.
  • Have light switchboards at not more than 54 inches height.
  • Used levered doors with door handles at about 48 inches height from the ground.


  • Wider doorwaysIf there is a member with a wheelchair or visual impairment, go in for wider doorways( 32 inches recommended). The space must be wide enough to easily allow a wheelchair in and out.


  • Ease of accessibilityYour home backdrop must be inlaid in such a way that everything is easily accessible by the disability prone individuals. Counter-tops, kitchen tables, wardrobes and must be placed such that they are easily accessible and adjustable.Go for levered door, window handles and faucets such that they do not require any extra aid.


  • Automated home designIf your budget supports you, you can tweak the things totally to their requirement. Go automatic. Market is flooded with automatic doors and windows switches, auto lights and automated operating system for a number of appliances.


 With such a resilient home design, the disabled would feel at ease, without any obligation. Furthermore, they would soon realize that somewhere, out there, there is a bright ray of hope waiting to replenish their lives with sparkling colors.

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