Design right for the elderly

Decor Tips Dated:  Jan. 1, 2014
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Aging is an issue that continues to bother an individual every now and then despite proper nurturing in the past years. Apart from the regular health issues, lifestyle, adaptability and attention to details is important. If you think that only the kids are prone to the injuries, you are clearly mislead. Elderly are as much as vulnerable to accidents as the toddlers/kids. You cannot assure that you would remain attentive to your old page parents all day along but once you provide them with a right environment where they would adapt themselves without being dependent, you need not really worry about them while attending a meeting. 

The bottom line is to design a safe, accident proof home. Well, you cannot fully customize smart home plans for the elderly, but you can tweak the decor in such a way that it is somehow tailored according to their needs. 

Here are few steps .Just go down the line to get an idea. Do incorporate all/most of these features while you seek forth a home design plan for your new home. 

Floors- Safe and friendly

Ensure that your floors are slip resistant. Even if you have a smooth floor, deck them up with nonskid mats to make walking easier. 

Lighting- Well illuminated interiors

In order to avoid an accidental bump or trip, make sure that every corner of the house is well lit- From living room to the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and the hallways. And not to mention the staircases , lobby and the entryways. Equip their study with luminous lamps that provide ample light.

Furniture- Comfortable

Buy a furniture that is tailored according to the needs of your elderly parents. Make sure that sofas, lounges and beds are at a considerable height such that the elderly need not strain very hard to sit or lay down on any of these. Also,

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furniture with sharp corners. 

Though doorknobs are quite common and look neat in homes, try replacing them with levered door latch. Levered doors/ windows are relatively easy to use for people with arthritis.

Bath safety

First of all , avoid slippery floors in the bathrooms. You will find a couple of non-skid mats for bathrooms also. Make sure that you use mixer faucets as this would reduce the chances of accidental burns. Moreover to allow easy access, install shower grab bars and toilet grab bars in same unit. 

Make living easy 

Try to do all you can in order to make things more easy. You cannot expect your elderly parents to take off their shoes and place them in the common shoe-racks. Make sure that their bedroom is equipped with easy to access closets where they can hang in the cloaks and stack in their shoes easily. This is applicable to kitchen and bathroom closets as well.The setting should be such that they need not stoop too low or jump too high.

Minimal exaggeration

Your home layout should be such that there is minimum possibility of accident. Avoid irregular floors and elevated thresholds. Assure your parents/grandparents that your home is safe and comfortable place to live

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by doing away with all the clutter and knick-knacks. This includes keeping things simple rather than complicated. Avoid intricate furniture with sharp details. 

Install Lifts 

If you have a house with more than a storey or two, make sure that there are elevators installed. Using the stairs would be a bad option for the elderly who uses walking cane. 

Just abide by the above mentioned points. You are only a step away from getting an elderly proof home.

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