DesignTale of Two Cities ?

Opinions Dated:  Jan. 6, 2016
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Saddi DILLI & aamchi MUMBAI..."

We've lost count of the number of times we have been inveigled into such conversations (okay, fights, if you insist) despite trying our best to stay out of this my city is better than yours debate. The Mumbai loyalists hold strong on how Delhi has no heart and no time for those with no money or power. Team Delhi sneers about how Mumbai is routinely held to ransom by the Marathi manoos brigade. Team Mumbai scoffs at how Delhi judges you by where you live and what car you drive. Delhi points at the south Bombay snobs and giggles. Mumbai tosses its head and says that at least women are safe in their city. And there it goes. Endless.. Is there also a design tale between the two cities which define its living habits and lifestyle choices.


The pace of the city and its system define the attitude of its citizens. The difference in the pace directly transforms into lifestyle choices. Where Mumbai runs like a porche, Delhi cruises like a Rolls Royce. Both luxurious, and on time with unique features are still very different.

Difference in Design


Nope, we are not comparing the land prices but as a designer it is our onus to respond to the different lifestyle approaches. These are a result of divergent master & urban plans. While on one hand the coastal city recognizes "high-rise penthouse living" as luxurious, the national capital vouches for double floors "independent bungalow living".

Difference in Design Ideologies


That's probably the best part of living in the capital and one of the winning pointers for Delhi team in the debates. You may sweat & collapse in a puddle in the relentless summer but there's always the comforting winter chill to look forward to. In Delhi, materials for exteriors & interiors have to be assigned with utmost foresight ensuring endurance to wear & tear through the changing seasons.  On the other hand Mumbai's signature sea breezes & humid air gets reflected in designs of openings - allowing good natural ventilation in otherwise tight spaces. Seamless flowing spaces designed with minimum walls or sliding/folding partitions are the general norm.

Difference in Design Ideologies a Delhi and Mumbai


And then, there are people, & their mindsets - Delhi's famous cold & heartless attitude OR Mumbaikars bollywoody social night life; design requirements are tailored to these mindsets as well! We have learnt with our experience that while every city has its share of misanthropes, it is not tough to bump into like-minded people. That is when a true designer comes to rescue; he/she helps the client to transcend these mindsets and evolve spaces which connect to anyone from any part of the world. Architects' studio believes in designs which bear a global outlook and touch hearts of people regardless of their background, lifestyle or mindset!

Difference in Design Ideologies a Delhi and Mumbai a by Architects Studio

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