Design Trends for Kitchens in 2014

Kitchen Design & Decor Dated:  Feb. 22, 2014
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“I can direct breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I take pride in my kitchen, but I'm not going to direct a movie” – Julia Roberts.
A kitchen is the most dynamic place in any home. The energy and action of preparing a meal, the chaos and the aftermath – it resembles a playground of sorts where the chef is the coach and every meal is a game. It’s also the most creative place where you wear your best apron and whip up something incredible day after day. The dynamics of a contemporary kitchen have revolutionized. Simplicity has given way to multiplicity. A kitchen has become an all-encompassing space which brings the family together. 

Go Green
The evolution of ‘Green architecture’ has popularized wood-free and eco-friendly cabinets which don’t just contribute to ecological balance but also offer ease of maintenance. Furniture-like kitchen cabinets have replaced traditional cabinets and recyclable glass counter tops have become dining tables. 

Functionality First
Functional kitchens are now a hot trend. The more multi-utility a kitchen can serve the more extant it gets. A well-designed kitchen which could balance style in terms of its look and simplicity in terms of functionality could alter the personality of a home. For instance, larger kitchens could opt for multiple sinks to avoid traffic at the sink. Or maybe reserve dedicated space for the work triangle to restrict disturbance. 

Whip up the Perfect Blend
Transitional kitchens are also in vogue since they combine the old world charm with sophisticated appliances. The appropriate use of glass and steel in a kitchen design add that luxurious tinge to a contemporary design. Mirrored tiles are also stylish and can transform the appearance of a kitchen.

The Cabinets
Kitchen cabinets are increasingly becoming customer-friendly and can be equipped to suit one’s taste. For instance built-in spice racks, cookie sheets, muffin

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– you name it and the cabinet encompasses it all through its customizable drawers. Semi customized cabinets are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the west for being budget-friendly and customizable. Frameless cabinets are also surging ahead of framed ones owing to their operational convenience. 

The Lights
Kitchen lighting is one of the most challenging phases of designing a kitchen. It’s paramount to achieve the perfect blend of task lighting and decorative lighting. Let’s say, it would be appropriate to ensure adequate lighting in the kitchen’s task areas and nominal lighting in the kitchen’s dining spaces, making it ideal for a casual and cosy dinner. 

Faucets and more...
Exploring kitchen hardware can be very innovative as well as impact the functionality of a kitchen. High functioning faucets combine style, flexibility and comfort to increase accessibility to water in the kitchen. The pull down and pull-out faucets are versatile and assist in streamlining everyday kitchen tasks to a great extent. Another trend catching –up is the use of energy-saving and star-rated kitchen appliances. 

Whether you set white cabinetry against black countertops or add dramatic zing through low ceiling lights, home is where the heart is and the ‘real home’ is where the homemaker’s heart

Modular Kitchen Design 1
Modular Kitchen
Modular Kitchen
And it’s in the ‘kitchen’ where it lies. There is simply no recipe for ‘the perfect kitchen’…just season it with love!!

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