Design your interior around five focal points

Decor Tips Dated:  Jan. 2, 2014
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Design by: Sonali Shah


A well designed room often features a focal point. Wait! You must be thinking what could be a focal point in a room. Basically it is the first thing your eye catches when you enter in a room. The focal point of your room can be anything, such as a fish tank or an aquarium, it can be a modern fabulous fireplace, etc.

Choosing the perfect item to draw attention is the big deal. Be it a fabric texture or an architectural feature, casting the spotlight on one of them will allow you to create something which would be a pleasure to watch. 

Here are some ways to design your interior with some  focal elements.

1. Architectural Feature:


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Here, the aquarium is the focal point of the room. A beautifully decorated aquarium, placed at the middle of the Hall becomes the center of attraction. Place your furniture in accordance with the aquarium. The spotlight on the aquarium also sets the color tone of the furniture. 


2. Paintings and Artwork.


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The wall painting is positioned just behind the master sofa. This creates an immediate aroma and a focal point that draws your attention. This type of artwork also allows the rest of the room to shine with the sun. However the size and the flavor of the art is also very important. Choose an artwork or a painting with the appropriate knowledge of the available space in your room.  


3. The ceiling treatment. 


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If you select the ceiling to be the focal point of your home, make sure you have the proper color schemes for it. The lighting can create the magic. In this way you can highlight the ceiling, doing this will make the room look bigger than it usually is. You can also adopt the style of drop ceiling decorations depending on your choice. 

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4. Window view: 


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Well not everyone is lucky to have a view like this, but if you have a view like this through your windows, then take this opportunity to make it as grand as possible. The large and oversized windows can turn the sea view to be the best focal point you could ever imagine.


5. Color: 


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Painting a unique color to the door and adding a little bit of texture can create a stunning focal point out of it. The unique color also adds an eye catching effect to your room.

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