How to Check the Quality of Rugs? Tips and Tricks

Product Guide Dated:  May 12, 2016
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Zen Hand-woven Natural Fiber Rug

There are few things you can have at your home that you cherish looking at like those gorgeous rugs. It is even possible that you are newer to your house than the rugs. It is so because a quality rug lives for ages. Sometimes, these are sold at a higher resale value because of its antiquity. The timeless designs and works on the rugs make them a priced possession. But for all these things to sound true, the rugs need to be of good quality. Now how do you judge the quality of a rug? How can you be sure that the rug is worth the money you spent on it? Well, here are a few (among many) features that differentiate a good one from its inferior partners.

The basic components:

Quality of a finished good, to a great extent depends on the quality of the material used. When it is about rugs, nothing can beat the natural fibers. Wool and silk are the two most preferred options (in that order) followed by cotton, jute, hemp and so on. Now, as the world is not so sweet as we want it to be, there are always chances of getting deceived. Fake and adulterated goods are flooding the markets that look similar to the genuine ones. Let’s not fall for them. A keen observation is all you need to make out the difference. 

Genuine wool has a sheen but never shines. Adulterated wools, on the other hand, shines and often has a synthetic smell to it. Remember even the poorest of genuine wool is better than the best of synthetic and the adulterated ones.

Silk, contrary to wool, shines bright and are smooth. Real silk will shrink instantly and smell like hair when burnt. 

Talking about the quality, hand spun fibers defeat machine made ones as the loosely knit fibers absorb more color/ dye and gives a richer look.

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Color is the next litmus test. Most of the rugs are colored with chemical dyes which are cheap and easier to work with. These, however are not eco- friendly and emits a smell for a long time. But, if there is a budget constraint, these are the ones that can fit your pocket.

Vegetal dyed rugs are comparatively expensive as working with natural/organic colors is a strenuous task. The look, however is richer and more elegant than the chemical dyed ones.

Uncolored rugs are a classy and smart option if you are against chemicals and at the same time organically colored ones are very expensive. 

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Weaving method:

Weaving method says a lot about the quality of the rug. As rugs are considered more than just a piece of cloth to step on, finishing and perfection is what most of us look for. There are 3 ways of making/compiling a rug –

1. Machine made - They are cheaper as the cost of production is low when done in a machine. Detailing and artistic work will be too much to expect from machine made rugs. A good finish can however be seen in most of them.

2. Hand tufted - Hand tufted rugs are made with hands but not knitted or woven. Most of them will have a rubber or any other synthetic backing onto which the yarns are attached. 

3. Hand woven - This is the elitist of the category. Here, warp strings that are attached to the loom, forms the base on which the yarn is knitted. It takes immense artistic skill and thrice as much time as for the hand tufted ones to ‘weave’ a classic rug and are accordingly priced highest.  Some imperfections/ irregularities can be seen (more than in machine made) which only adds to its true beauty. 

If you find the back and front of a rug similar, chances are that they are hand woven rugs.

Another major difference between hand tufted and hand woven is the edges. If the fringes seem like an extra addition and do not form continuity with the rest of the portions, they are hand tufted. The borders and fringes of a hand woven rug are always an integral part of the weave.  Also, there is a greater chance of shedding in hand tufted rugs while the fibers on a hand woven rug are tightly knit.

Hand-KnottedHand Knotteda Rug
Image source:

Knots per Inch (KPI):

Just like a screen with higher pixels gives better resolution/ clarity, the rugs with more knots per square inch is considered superior. A coarse one with around 30 to 40 KPI makes it difficult to comprehend the design while a super fine one with 260 or above gives a better picture. 

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Pile length:

Pile simply refers to the density of the fiber used. The denser the rug, the sturdier and durable the rug is. Length of the pile, however is inversely related to the durability. Longer piles (high piles) are luscious and soft but are hard to maintain. Since high traffic can crush the long piles, flat piles (short) are preferred for such areas.

Shown below is a high pile rug.

Vitten High Pile RugVitten High Pile Rug
Image source :

Goodwill of the Brand:

If you are still at sea with the quality or do not want even the slightest of chance of being handed an inferior rug, always buy from a trusted brand. Reputed brands will always have enough time to educate you and address all your concerns. Moreover, the fair trade practices they adopt while making these will leave you without a grain of guilt. 

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Genuine, good quality rugs can prove to be a profitable investment that will stand the test of time. So, if you are looking forward to invest in one, the check list mentioned above will be of help. Remember, never hesitate to trouble your salesman. A good salesman will be always happy to help you.

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