What differentiates an Interior Designer from Interior Decorator?

Design Chat Dated:  July 4, 2016
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Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator

People generally confuse themselves between an interior designer and an interior decorator. Although, both terms sound similar but are totally different when it comes to their roles and duties. So, it is necessary to know how an interior designer is different from interior decorator. Read on to know more!

Master BedroomMaster Bedroom - Iris

Decoration is related to furnishing, decorations, beautifications, accessorizing.  It’s more of a superficial work. Whereas, Designing is more intensive and is based on principals, drafting, art, science of understanding people’s needs, creating functional space within the given area, designing furniture as per dimensions, material knowledge, wall designs and concepts, colour combinations and their effects, lighting effects, styling, ceiling designs, flooring designs, washroom detailing, kitchen designs, building system, use of new technology and its execution, accessibility and utility design, project management, technical support in case of emergency and above all furnishing, decorations, beautifications, and accessorizing. Where Decorators can arrange furniture, Designers can design according to the concepts. In other words we can say that, interior designers may decorate, but decorators cannot design. They do have similarities but there are some distinct differences as well.

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Decorations can happen with good taste and can also happen with or without formal education. People who have good choice and aesthetically sound can become decorators. But Designers have to undergo formal qualification and need a formal degree. So, for example, if you are undergoing major renovations work in your property, then an interior designer can help in giving advice. A designer can even work from initial planning stage with architect, as they can aesthetically help with ideas and planning. Designers have knowledge to control the dimensions, shapes and volumes of interior environment. They can easily make structural changes, if required.

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Interior designers are licensed professional and can coordinate projects that require architectural work and construction. Whereas, Interior decorators can make aesthetic enhancements but cannot do structural changes as they do not have knowledge about building and safety codes.

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