Types of Table Lamps - the known and the unknown

Product Guide Dated:  May 13, 2016
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When it comes to indoor lightings, there is hardly anything that can beat the versatility of a table lamp. Whether it is for accenting (focusing on a particular item) or to create an ambience in the room or to render pure aesthetics – an appropriate table lamp positioned at a proper height (on a table/desk) will always be a great option.  Understanding the different types of lamps and where they suit best, is therefore, the first on the ‘to- do list’ while planning to buy some great lamps.

You cannot deny the fact that you (or until now, we), did not know the names/categories of lamps that were available in the market. It was hard to make the salesman understand what we were talking about until they had a display of their collection. So, to make things easier, here is a list of different categories of lesser known table lamps and their features.

Decorative table lamps:

You cannot really count the number of varieties you have in this section. Decorative lamp is more of a decorative element than an efficient source of light. The focus is definitely on the external looks of the lamp. There are lamps with simple and sleek base but ornate shades that can be replaced. There are also lamps of which the base is the main attraction and the shades just a mere cover over the light. These usually do not have a universal name and are named by the particular brands.

Tiffany lamps:

And then you have the timeless ‘Tiffany lamps’. These are lamps with shades made of cut stained glass pieces which are joined together with copper foil. Although the name initially was given to those lamps designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany and his design studio (although the master designer was Ms. Clara Driscoll, who for a long time remained unknown to the world) due to its dominant influence, any lamp designed with similar look and method is named Tiffany.

These can also proven to be a great accent light when positioned properly with respect to the accent piece.

Tiffany lampTiffany lamp
Image Source: foter.com

Fiber optic table lamp:

For a kid (or even, for many of us) Optic fiber lamp has been a piece of wonder. These are great options to create a soothing ambience for a party or as a decorative piece in a darker corner. The thin hair like fibers are made of glass or special polymers that work on the principal of total internal reflection that makes them transmit the light from the base to the tip. These come in single and multiple colored lights with many other variations making it a center of attraction where ever it is kept.

Fiber optic table lampFiber optic table lamp
Image Source: it.aliexpress.com

Nightstand lamps:

Lighting near your bed should be soft and warm that lights up the bed side without disturbing your sleep. The bulb used is usually warm and are covered by translucent lamp shade that diffuses the light flowing across it. 

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Desk lamp/ study lamp:

Study lamps need to be much of a utility lamp than a decorative piece. As comfortable reading and working on computers are the prime functions to be served, most of them come with an option to adjust the angle and height of the lamp. Again, the options are plenty with more stylish designs flaunting vintage, antique and modern looks appearing in the market. Two of the evergreen designs are -

Piano lamps:

These, as the name suggests, were initially used by the pianist to see the music sheet while performing in large auditoriums or halls. The lamp is horizontally stretched to cover the entire width of the song sheet that is attached to the piano. These, later started to be used as study lamps giving a break to the usual and boring oval shaped lamp shades.

Piano lampPiano lamps
Image Source: House of Troy

Bankers Lamp:

Banker’s lamp first appeared in the early 1900s under the brand name of ‘Emeralite’ which later became synonymous to the name of the lamp. The lamp is characterized by a sturdy brass stand and an emerald green glass shade made in the shape of a longitudinally cut cylinder and a pull- chain switch. Since its invention, not many changes have been done, probably to maintain its royal, vintage look, although the newer versions have different switch types. The typical green color is rarely substituted with amber shade. Since the light does not spread infinitely, these are more suitable for smaller study areas.

Bankers LampBankers Lamp
Image Source: awww.alibaba.com

Hope, this article has added some great options to the list of table lamps you have shortlisted for your house. You will now, at least be in a position to identify some of them at the store next time. 

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