Digital Wall Tiles: A new trend in bathroom decor

New Launches Dated:  Jan. 4, 2014
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Human desire is an unquenchable thirst, and to quench this thirst we expand our ideas and we even try to climb a ladder up to the sun. The idea which was only an imagination yesterday, is now a reality. Trade fair and exhibitions have successfully dismissed the distance in world marketing and have brought the world under one roof, it's a great idea to demonstrate latest products of any company. 

Something that got everybody's attraction at the ACE TECH Delhi Expo, was the newly launched Digital Wall Tiles, it was a complete work of creativity blended with the mixture of artwork. Like every glory is fleeting, beauty too needs to be cultivated, they say it's a wall make-up, or nothing less than an art festival for your beloved place. One could hardly resist the fact that each one of them is a masterpiece and each one is worth framing. Very next to it there was a section of tiles called the Full body Vitrified Tiles, they say it's a symbol of long lasting relationship, an everlasting friendship with the amalgam of aesthetics and strength which would certainly amplify the grace quotient of your ambience. For those who love to reflect their personality through their lifestyle they can meet their needs with the newly launched Double charge Vitrified Tiles, they are pre-loaded with over 90% glossiness and satin smooth body. In short Varmora displayed their fantastic range of  tiles to suit all your home ambiences, designed to beautify your interiors including kitchens, bathroom and living spaces. 

They also have the following cool collections:

  • Soluble salt Vitrified Tiles.
  • Wood finish.(Timber tones.)
  • Full Polished Glaze Vitrified Tiles.
  • Digital Gaze Vitrified Tiles.
  • Double Charge Vitrified Tiles.
Glossy Digital Tiles
Rustic digital tiles
Stain digital tiles
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