5 Design Inspirations for a warm Dining Space

Dining Room Design & Decor Dated:  Feb. 9, 2016
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Dining Space Design by Interior Designer: Hameeda Sharma

Our world is moving in the same pace as ever but our lives are moving extraordinarily fast. In this fast forward mode, we hardly get time to spend some time with our family – which is supposed to be our priority. Days are spent in offices and nights in the preparation for the next day's battle. In such a world, the only time we manage to come together is the dinner time. This time, should then, be the finest of the day – fine enough to forget the stress and hurdles we face outside.

Whether we realise or not, dining with our loved ones becomes an experience only when we have a comfortable ambience along with the lip smacking food.

 Here are some dining hall designs that will definitely make it to your list if you are about to furnish your dining space.

1. Plush white and royal wood

If dining space is an extension of your living room like the one in a studio apartment, then the colour palette and the theme chosen for the living area can be continued for the dining space. This prevents the room from giving a confused look.

Here, the dining space and kitchen shares the extended area of the living room. The wall dividing the kitchen and dining space is partially carved out in the centre- a cool way to pass the food from the kitchen counter to the table.  The colour palette (of white and rich brown) gives a heavenly look to the area even when it is compact.

Plush white and royal woodDesigned by Architect Ambarish Golawar

2. Green luxury

Green luxuryDesigned by Architect Debarati Bhattachajee

A usual scene of a dining space gets a twist with the retro looking green velvety chairs. To add to the look is a majestic chandelier that brightens up the space with lights piercing through the screen. The walls adjoining the dining table is provided with an illuminated cavity for keeping the table essentials.

3. Exquisite dining

The dining space seems like a scene from the heaven with such gorgeous and sleek dining decor which is wrapped by peaceful white walls and floor. The table top is of sleek glass which is accompanied by bar stool made of fibre glass. Chandelier in similar colour tone with tiny lights makes the scene ethereal.

Exquisite dining                                                                           Designed by Interior Designer Sonali Shah

4. Colourful affair

The decor is simple and humble. Its the play of colours that makes the space eclectic. Funky clock and vibrant table linen puts up a nice show with a lovely ball pendant light to give a warm, festive look.

Colourful affairDesigned by Architect Nilanjan Bhowal

5. Going big with small

Surprisingly the small dining table arranged in a huge room gets all the attention. With pendant lights showering abundant light on the table, the humongous shadow cast creates a beautiful floral pattern on the floor. The metallic shade kept constant through out the room renders a posh and warm ambience to the dining space.

Going big with smallDesigned by Interior Designer Madalsa Soni

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