10 items that make a dining room look appetising

Dining Room Design & Decor Dated:  Feb. 26, 2016
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Dining Room Decoration Tips

There is more to a dining room than just being a place to relish a sumptuous meal. Dining is often an excuse to spend time together. That is exactly the reason why we all plan a dinner or lunch at home when we are thinking of  a get together party or a birthday bash.

Isn't it usually at the dining table that we cherish the  memories of those salad days, make new plans for the future and go on giggling till we drop? Often such moments spend over a dinner or lunch go on to become memories we cherish for a lifetime. Such is the importance a dining space have in our homes and needless to say, its not just the food that does the magic here. The atmosphere too have to be pleasing and inviting. Talking about the ambience there are certain tiny yet crucial things that can make your dining room a perfect spot to enjoy a great dining experience.

1. Choosing Colour /Theme:

Colour or theme is the prime element to be thought of while creating a space. I say 'creating ' because we create a space with our  imagination in  the room we have. A room  filled with  random articles can only look full and never fulfilling.

The colour you choose should coincide with the theme you wish to give to your dining room.
For instance, sea blue colour can be an option if its an aquatic theme you want to paint your room with. Also, there is never a restriction on choosing a colour, meaning that there is no 'wrong shade' and 'right shade' for a room. A shade becomes right when it compliments the amount of light that enters the room.

Dining Room DecorDining Room Decor
Image source: www.housebeautiful.co.uk

2. Dining table:

This is obviously the main element of a dining room and so is the importance we need to give while  settling for the perfect one for our dining. The type of material  we use and the style we choose  to make the dining table should coincide with the theme we have selected. For instance, if minimalist features are what we are opting, then doing the table and chairs in heavy wood with intricate  carving  will be a bad option.

3. Table runners:

A table runner can be the best option when you have an awesome dining table that you do not want to hide below the usual table covers. These amazing table  runners that runs through the mid of the table will not only highlight your  table but it itself is a charm to look at. With exquisite designs, pattern and fabric, there is one for every table, one for every taste.

Dining Room DecorationDining Room Decoration
Image source: zoer.smoothstones.net

4. Mirrors:

Mirrors are perfect wall decor for every room. Needless to say, these go well on the dining walls too.

Gone are the days when things of such vital importance were manufactured and used just for the obvious reasons. Now everything we possess has a style quotient attached to it and we make sure to buy one which suits our taste.

Mirrors can not only beautify the walls and make the room look spacious apart from the obvious reason we buy them for, they can make the most of the natural light coming through the large windows and brighten up the room.

5. Floor rug:

Floor rugs are for dining table as highlighter are for words. Having a floor rug underneath the dining table is one of the powerful ways to give depth to the room. This becomes more pronounced when its a studio apartment where in we make different functional spaces with in a single room.

Dining Room Decor IdeaDining Room Decor Idea
Image source: 25yearsofbaseball.com

6. Chandeliers:

Chandeliers have remained and will always remain an inevitable ornament for a dining room. A dining room lit with chandelier has a charm and joviality that none can beat. Whether its the austere candle styled upright chandelier, single lamp with thousands of tiny crystals, dining experience is complete only with a table overlooked by a chandelier.

7. A better place for your crockery:

Fine ceramic crockery are much more than just serving dish. These can be a perfect set of show piece  you can flaunt in your dining rooms. Put it on display either in a wood framed glass shelves or adorn the walls with grouping the plates and spoons and you become the new interior style expert your friends will turn to.

Dining Room Decoration TipsDining Room Decoration Tips
Image source: www.walldecorationpictures.com

8. Windows and curtains:

The opulence of a room is more pronounced when ample amount of light is allowed in. Hence  having  large windows can enhance the look of the dining room that you have meticulously decorated. The curtains too are to be selected in a way that matches the overall look of the room. Matching does not necessarily mean getting the same colour or shade as that of the walls. The idea is that the curtains should be a perfect compliment for the colour of the decor.

9. Fire place:

modern dining room with fireplaceModern dining room with fireplace
Image source: www.roomagz.com

Many of us will vote for  a fireplace  in  the living room, but having it in the dining room has its own benefits.  Fireplace has its own charm. No matter how old or new it is, the warmth it provides in chilly winters makes it one of the prized possession. The dining experience becomes more enriching when the air  is warm and nice in the dining room while having a  piping hot platter of your favourite pizza or ravioli.

10. Greens:

Last, but definitely not the least. Plants. The look of a sophisticated, complex room  turns serene and warm when there is a couple of potted plants to brace those  corners that would otherwise give a boring look.

A dining room which is embellished with such  precious artefacts will get a fresh leash of life when there is   a natural beauty to accompany them. Afterall, there is nothing better than natural!

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