6 Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Dining Room Design & Decor Dated:  Oct. 28, 2016
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Dining Room Lighting Idea by Architecture firm PWA Architects

Lighting is a very important aspect when it comes to designing a space or decorating it. The dining table with a beautiful china and delicious meal seems to be perfect for dinner but is that only what needs to be required for your guest to see? Along with beautifying there comes a major decision to make on kinds of lights require to lighten up that space.

Dining Room Ceiling LightsDining Room Ceiling Lights
Image Source: www.irepairhome.com

Dining room is a place where all the entertainment or interaction happens. So, in order to set perfect mood of your guest lighting plays a huge role. The light fixture which we use will make it the focus point of that particular area or a room. It is also required for practical purpose so as to reflect your style.
In order to get right idea on how to work on the lighting of your dining room, let’s now look at some ideas that we all can implement.

Size and Style:

Choosing the dining rooms lights is a tough task at time but it all majorly depends on the size of your room  and the style you want to go with.


It is an important factor while going for a choice of light as you have to keep in mind that an area must be too dark or too bright. It is considered best to have right balance of light so that everyone while eating can enjoy their meal.

One more important consideration when lighting your dining room is to not forget about the wall treatment. The light will reflect less if the room will have dark color. In this case, it is required to add more lumens.


Chandeliers are a great way for creating a lightning space as it also creates a luxurious look at the same time. It is best to hung them right above the table. The traditional designs with candles holding in gold or brass or modern designs brushed with nickel or stainless steel are one of the popular choices.

Modern Dining Room ChandelierModern Dining Room Chandelier
Image Source: inovatics.com

Pendant :

It is best to use them for main lighting. A chandelier has many lights whereas a pendant has generally one and is less expensive than it. It creates a stylish and sophisticated look with giving the impression of luxury and wealth. There are plenty to choose from according to your style. However, it is essential that we hang our pendant at right level above the table. The bottom should be atleast 30 inches above the table. It is so as to avoid anyone’s head bumping into.

Dining Room Lighting IdeasDining Room Lighting Ideas
Image Source: cdn.decorpad.com

Recessed lighting:

Recessed lightingRecessed lighting
Image Source: www.jacekpartyka.com

Recessed lights helps making a room look larger than it is. In order to illuminate the table and chandelier, it is recommended to use adjustable recessed halogen.

Wall sconces:

Wall sconcesWall sconces
Image Source: www.hinkleylightinggallery.com

What can be better than adding ambience using dining lights on a modest budget? Yes, this can be done using wall sconces. These come in various shapes and sizes that allow you to choose among various depending upon your style. It gives subtler light and creates a romantic mood.

These are also potential options to for your dining room lightning. However, if you would like to go something eye opening then these are not recommended at first go.

Although, fashion keeps changing but changing lighting of your dining rooms at regular basis is as important as repainting your walls or furnishing your furniture. So, enjoy and make the best choice for your dining room. Picking one will make it all a major difference.

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