5 Dining Room Rugs Ideas

Dining Room Design & Decor Dated:  Aug. 4, 2016
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Dining Room Rugs Ideas, Img Src: www.target.com

Not all of us have rugs in our house. But for those who do have or want to have…. Do you know how to pick it?

Rugs are a personal choice; their colour, texture and everything else. It is for people who prefer vaccum cleaning their place or do not have lots of time for their floors. You needn’t quite take care of your floor everyday now. ;-)

Do’s and don’ts before moving on:

  • Decide on whether a rug is required
  • Choose a rug according to your dining table profile and also your room profile.
Dining Room RugsDining Room Rugs
Image Source: www.furniturerow.com
  • Let the rug be of a size little larger than your table
  • Make sure it compliments your flooring. This will add to the charm.
  • It is preferable to have a flat weave rug, for pulling back a chair or cleaning it might pose a problem otherwise.
  • Take a feel of the rug before buying it for you should feel comfortable with it on use. Looks could be deceiving.
  • Avoid lighter shades for they can get dirty pretty fast.
  • Rugs are an elaborate affair. If you are willing to spend soo much on it you better devise a good spot for your dining area so as to enhance the rug!!

Genres of rugs!!!

Colour blast rugs

 Area Rug for Dining RoomArea Rug for Dining Room
Image Source: www.landofrugs.com                                                                                                                www.sugarncloth.com

Colourful rugs instantly turns up the mood and atmosphere of the room. Notice how you can light up your room by a simple rug. The choice of colour however should complement your dining room décor or contrast it….very rarely it could look out of place. 
This is a very safe option and will make you look your place.

Contrast rugs

Dining Room Rugs IdeaDining Room Rugs Idea
Image Source: www.homebunch.com                                                                www.mydomaine.com
dining room carpet ideasDining room carpet ideas
Image Source: www.designingcity.com                                                                                    www.coastalliving.com

Contrasting rugs are like “ice and fire”….both don’t get along but are a fierce combination. It’s a low budget option If you aren’t satisfied with your already existing interiors and want a change.

Rugs are an easy interior transformation option as they can be changed easily.

round dining table carpetRound dining table carpet
Image Source: www.bloglovin.com

See how the light coloured wood blends in with the triad of pink shades yet contrasts it.

Classic rugs

dining room area rug ideaDining room area rug idea
Image Source: www.ideas-for-home-decorating.com
Area Rug for Dining Room a TipsArea Rug for Dining Room a Tips
Image Source: www.rugsandblinds.com

If you mentally live in Elizabethan ages then this suits you. Intricate patterns, floral design and class. This is the “it” thing for sophisticated high class spaces.

The colours of the spaces matches each other and also the interiors of the space.

The theme looks elegant and posh displaying excellent workmanship on the rug patterns and highlighting the rich shades of timber.

Simple yet beautiful

dining room carpet ideasDining room carpet ideas
Image Source: www.squarespace.com                                                                                 www.housejpg.com
large rugs for dining roomLarge rugs for dining room
Image Source: www.digaleri.com                                                                               www.zoomtm.com

If you are an easy-go person you should probably go in for this style. It employs the simplest rugs, combining it with the simplest furniture and makes it all look “beautifully dashing” together.

Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are the new things trending in market. These are easy, new and absolutely adorable. 
These are patches of rugs in different shapes, sizes, patterns and colours that can be combined to form your own amazing custom patterns that everyone will drool over.

Carpet tiles rug for dining roomCarpet tiles rug for dining room
Image Source: www.flor.com                                                                        www.adesignthatworks.com
Carpet tiles rugCarpet tiles rug
Image Source: www.archdaily.com

The patches can be arranged by anyone. Its installation is damn easy and quick. 
Unlike the previous options these patches can be interchanged within themselves to give you a new carpet every fortnight!!

So here are a few patterns to help you get started!!

dining room carpet ideasDining room carpet ideas
Image Source: www.diyncrafts.com

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Want to purchase rugs? Check out these beautiful rugs available for sale
Have fun customising your space!!

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