10 Dining Room Wallpaper Designs

Dining Room Design & Decor Dated:  Jan. 11, 2017
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Large Dining area Designed by Interior designer Rajni Patel
image source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/f5/29/90/f52990f690f1e9a4947037dd9ab5d072.jpg

A dining room can at times look pretty bland if not decorated with the right accessories. And no, I do not mean just artefacts, fruit baskets and vases. The walls can create and speak a refreshing story by themselves. Wallpapers on the dining room walls can not only give one a perspective of the choice of the house owner but also enmesh a tale in the room. Let us have a look, how?

The Base Addiction

Many a times, it is just one colour that can create the best of the ambiences. The given pictures depict a similar story. When going for such monochromatic base wallpaper, it is essential to choose one that aligns itself with the other interior patches. It can either be an exact replica of that colour or a shade of that hue. Using a single coloured wallpaper opens the doors of creativity and freedom to experiment with any type of wall hangings, artefacts and other smaller decor items. And yes, even without these other accessories, the room can look stunning.

Dining areaDining Area designed by Architect Arbaysis Ashley
Contemporary Dining Table DesignContemporary Dining Table Designed by Architect Debarati Bhattacharjee

Part of a Section

A few wallpapers can also be used to not cover the entire wall but just a geometric section. The ideal design choices are abstract rather than a monochrome and it is better to have a monochromatic wall for implementing this style. When going for this pattern, it becomes less important to think of the room’s other decor items as the wallpaper serves the purpose of a painting as well as a wall hanging.

Large Dining AreaLarge Dining Area designed by Architect N+S Architects | Interior Designers

A little different taste

Another way of incorporating a wallpaper in the dining room could be through using it only for a corner of the wall. This can make the picture look complete yet incomplete. The leaves’ design in the pattern of the adjoining image depicts a similar story. The leaves could have been used on the embossed wall as well. That would have given more emphasis to the whole look. And since such patterns are usually of just two colours (the background and the pattern’s colour), it becomes quite comfortable to choose the other decorative pieces for the room.

Large dining areaLarge Dining area Designed by Interior designer Rajni Patel

Full Cover

The full cover wallpapers, as the name suggests, cover the entire face of the wall. The choice of pattern is of most significance as a very strong message is conveyed by using just one pattern throughout. Two different styles are provided below. The blue one communicates a calm, serene and even a little archaic look to the entire frame; while the white one portrays a royal, sophisticated and a feminine type get up. When using such designs, it becomes important to choose the accompanying decors with utmost care to not spoil the design, as even a little distortion can make the room’s decor seem horrid.

Dining areaDining Area
image source: http://www.zingyhomes.com/projectImages/2016/01/06/Wallpaper%20Ideas%20for%20Home%20Dining%20Room.JPG
Dining areaDining Area
image source: http://www.zingyhomes.com/projectImages/2016/09/28/3.JPG

Single wall wallpaper

These give a subtle hint to the entire design’s framework. Such styles give one enough room to experiment with the room’s other design choices; while the choice of keeping all else simple is always there. It is better to keep the other walls simplistic and place a few decor accessories on the non-wallpapered walls to accentuate their view. This pattern also lays the base for the main colour theme – as is evident from the both the pictures below – brown is the predominant shade, followed by its hues. Though, the style of one is abstract cum modern while the other is traditional with an Indian feel.

Dining AreaDining Room with Patched Wallpaper Designed by Architect Jigar Patel
Dining AreaDining Area Designed by Interior designer Rajiv Garg

Slight hints

There are also a few wallpapers that give a very non-wallpapered look to the walls. An example is like the image below. It is giving a tiled look to the wall with fine intricate patterns and is quite in sync with the ceiling’s design as well. The other walls are kept at a minimalistic. This way the dining table and its components have taken the centre stage. When using such designs, it is best to have a contrasting colour for majority of the things to enhance their look.

Large dining areaLarge dining area
image source: http://www.zingyhomes.com/projectImages/2015/09/07/4.jpeg

All in all, each type of wallpaper provides a whole new resemblance to the room. They are also best and cost effective in case one wishes to go for a renovation. Another advantage of them is that they can give a new look each time replaced.

So, these were just a few ideas to wallpaper a dining room; if you have more, then do share them with us by commenting below.

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