5 DIY Bedroom Design Ideas and Tips

Bedroom Design & Decor Dated:  Aug. 17, 2015
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DIY Bedroom Design Ideas by Interior Designer: Gaurav Arora

Your bedroom is your own abode of freedom. So why not decorate it as per your wishes and fantasies?
Your bedroom décor should basically be a reflection of something that you are passionate about, or something that has inspired you in a great way. Your bedroom is a reflection of your mind. Keeping that in mind let’s see how to go about with the decorating!

Inspiration:- The first and foremost step is to pick either a theme or an inspiration for your décor. Now, an inspiration could be anything ranging from a butterfly to the Eiffel tower! Pick something that is close to your heart.

Color scheme:- The colors available for the décor are innumerable. But decide on the colors after deciding a scheme. The choices amongst schemes are: monochromatic, dichromatic, complementary, contrasting , neutral , pastel etc! After choosing the scheme, choose the colors that you deem to be appropriate and suitable for your room.

Let’s go shopping  / collecting:- While decorating your room, you will be faced with option of either buying new stuff or reusing the old items. You could opt for both, by buying only what’s absolutely necessary so that your budget doesn’t increase tenfold!

Focal point:- Before deciding on the furnishings for the room, its necessary to have a focal point. What is going to be the centre of attention in your room? Is it your bed, or your table or the bookshelf or maybe the curtains! After deciding on the focal point, look around you and accordingly decide on the remaining furniture.

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Personalizing:- Until now, the focus was to set up the room. Now you get to personalize it :

  • Drapes, Rugs and covers

The furniture you decided on may or may not be new . You might also not be very happy with the availability because of budget crisis. That’s exactly when drapes, rugs covers come to your rescue! These amazing pieces of cloth are solely responsible for changing the entire outlook of a room! For instance if you want to make a slight variation in the overall theme, all you’ve got to do is switch these items! Choose the drapes and covers according to what appeals you the most. Remember these are the ‘show stoppers’ of your room!

  • Photographs, artwork & wall stuff

Nothing personalizes a room better than photographs. They could be yours, your family, friends, relatives, pets etc. They could also be your muses if you are a photographer. If you are an artist, hang up some of your work. You could also put up posters, quotes of your favorite personalities, actors, musicians etc!

  • Insignificant but significant

There are certain tiny factors that make you who you are. Try to incorporate them in your room, and then see the reflecting you! These tiny factors could be anything, maybe a couple of books that are important to you, or a camera, or paintbrushes or accessories, or a guitar or the medal you won ! it could be anything, just remember to at least have a representation of it in your room.

Decorating your own is definitely one of the coolest jobs ever. So get creative, plan out a budget and decorate your room!

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