5 Simple and easy to execute Home Decor Tips

DIY Interior Design & Decor Dated:  July 7, 2016
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Living Room, Image Credit: cgtrader.com

When your home is designed according to your preferences and desires, it gives you eternal joy. However, designing the interiors of a home requires skills and dedication. Home decor is more about creativity and imagination than following the rule books. It is all about exploring the new ideas. More you try new things, and more you get to know what is working out the best for you! You can always follow your instinct while decorating your room and see how things are working out for you.

Here is a list of some simple home tips that decor will revolutionize your surroundings:

1. Avoid overcrowding the room:

If you want to put your favorite furniture everywhere in the room, you may be thinking the wrong way. Your room, as well as the furniture, requires the breathing space. It is not a good idea to fill in every empty corner of the room. You can use limited items of great quality which can impart some more grace to your home. Overcrowded furniture in the room may not look as pleasing as it would look with some open spaces around to enjoy the presence of the furniture. 

Living RoomLiving Room
Image Credit: www.megaworldcondominiums.com

2. Showcase a beautiful Collection:

You can display a beautiful collection on a table in the living room. It may be a collection of some Chinese porcelain or some vases. You can also showcase the collection in the fireplace when it is not in use. You need not exactly match the pieces, just use items of different shape, size, and color but they must look good all together. It is an idea that can really make your living room lively while staying in your budget.

Beautiful CollectionBeautiful Collection
Image Credit: foter.com

3. The height of the hangings must be right:

You can hang artwork on the walls to make them look elegant but, what if the artwork doesn’t catch the attention of your guests? You feel disappointed and think that you have wasted your efforts. It is not actually like that. All you need to take care of while hanging an artwork is the human eye level. Average human eye level is 57 inches. That is why the artworks displayed in the museums and art galleries have their center at 57to 60 inches from the floor.  Yes, it may sound like a bit difficult but it is the best way to display your artwork. 

Eye LevelEye Level
Image Credit: rudekitten.net

4. Create a point of attraction:

You need to choose something which can play stand out in your collection and rest of the items play around it. Don’t try to make every item primary; it will create a visual imbalance. You need to create a focal point in the room with only one leading item. It may be a headboard in the bedroom or a unique piece of artwork in the living room. It may be anything but it must be attractive enough to not to go unnoticed.

Image Credit: cutediyprojects.com

5. Choose Paint Color at last:

The paint color of the walls is a defining element in the interior design of your home. If you paint it first and then bring in all the decorative items and furniture, it might not match the paint color. Although it is not necessary to match the paint color with the interiors but again the interiors and the paint must mix well to give a pleasing feel. There are a number of colors with different textures and shades to choose from. Every color gives a different look in different home depending upon the light source, the design of the home and the interiors used. So, you need to choose the colors wisely.

Modern Living RoomModern Living Room
Image Credit: cgtrader.com

The paint color of the walls is a defining element in the interior design. These are some simple home decor tips for your home. You can consider these points while decorating your bedroom or living room and you will surely notice the difference after the execution of these ideas. 

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