5 Unusual DIY Home Decor Ideas

DIY Interior Design & Decor Dated:  Aug. 21, 2015
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DIY Home Decor Ideas, Image Source: feedinspiration.com

There are times when we realise that home decor is not only about colorful curtains with fancy doors and wallpapers put on but a lot more than that. Decor is best brought out when we have added craft work to it. Here we have some DO IT OURSELVES ideas to beautify our places with unusual decor materials. 

1. Water Glows with Balloons:- Inflated light balloons placed on the surface of water in the swimming pool can do wonders and prove to be a visual delight for the onlookers. These balloons need to be spread evenly and not clustered in a single area. They can be held on the surface by filling them with partially with coloured water.

Water Glows with BalloonsWater Glows with Balloons
Image source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/popular-pinterest-tips-that-are-bold-faced-lies#.ph3qV45xl & holycool.net

2. Using Spitballs:- These grow in size when absorb water. Spitballs can be used in glass vases to enhance their look or can be placed in a bowl in the middle of dining table. However, placing a candle inside a glass container filled with these water absorbing polymer beads makes it worth keeping at the centre table of the living room.

glass vasesGlass vases
Image source: eventdecordirect.com & https://www.flickr.com/photos/maria-fleetwood/

3. Button Creation:- How abrupt does it sound when we talk of button painting but this notion can be injected life when we be creative. Our walls demand paintings and buying a single piece of art for every room will cost much. Using buttons to decorate walls, upholstery, cushions, pen stands not only looks attractive but is also a pocket-friendly idea.

DIY walls paintingsDIY walls paintings
Image source: modishspace.com

4. Light Serves Dual Purpose:- Duality if shown in creativity is an edge over other techniques. One can try to put radiant lights in different objects, which serve double objective of lighting a place and beautifying the object together. Lights placed in flower pots kept outside house or along the path to light up the way looks tremendously beautiful.

Light Serves Dual PurposeLight Serves Dual Purpose
Image source: diyncrafts.com & princesspinkygirl.com

5. Wool Balls:- Left over wool balls can be made proper use of if one knows where to find creativity from. These balls can be used at various festivals to decorate the ceilings, the walls and the doors. These can be made at home easily by wrapping flexible wires by thread of wool.

Wool BallsWool Balls
Image Source: daveandandrea.wordpress.com & tattlingtotheteacher.blogspot.com

Following these techniques will undoubtedly add four moons to your living space. These range from lighting up the outer area to designing cushions and upholstery which will make your house all the more beautiful.

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