Design inspiration -19 Awesome Doors and Windows Styles

Interiors- Doors and Windows Dated:  Dec. 22, 2015
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Window Design Ideas by Ar. Rishi Dev Architects & Associates

In this ever changing world,we want to possess the latest and updated version of  everything we buy. Be it our phone, car, or accessories, we never want to settle for anything outdated. One such possessions, or rather, our biggest possession is our home. Now, since house is something we cannot afford to change every  now and then, we make sure that it is made in  a way that it never goes out of fashion.

Doors and windows are integral parts of the physical house( not of a  home though) that can create a statement.Afterall, its only the doors, windows and the painted walls of a house you can see from a distance. For the very same reason, we all spend considerable time in selecting the doors and windows while constructing our dream house.

Here's a small list of some awesome doors and windows style that will help you  pick the perfect one for your house.

1. French doors/windows:

French doors or windowsFrench doors / windows
Image source:

French doors or windows have always been an element  believed to enhance the aesthetics value of a room. These full length windows can be used for balconies which enable a clear view of the exterior which is a door when opened. It is also the best choice when the room is in need of natural light.However, it is not recommended to have it as the main entrance door for the very same features.

2. Folding doors:

Folding doors or  bifolding doors are doors which has different panels attached in a row  that folds in or out to open unlike the usual door which is a one panel structure. These can be opened partially according to the access we need and is a great option for closets.

Folding doorsFolding doors
Image source:

Tilt and turn windows:

These are windows without grilles and is opened by tilting the frame upside down. Tilt and turn windows are easy to clean and maintain. These are essential for  emergency exits.

Main entrance doors:

Doors for the main entrance has to stand out since this is the first thing that get noticed while entering the house. It also has to be strong and sturdy to provide security against unwanted guests.  Shown below are some doors that gives you both -the look and the security.

3. Mahagony double door:

Wood has always been our first preference when it comes to door. It is so because of the royal look it imparts to the house.

This elegant mahagony double door is one of the best options you can have for your main entrance door.

mahagony double doorMahagony Double Door
Image source:

4. Wrought iron wine cellar doors:

A perfect blend of beauty and strength- for the one who admires the beauty of nature. With the  impression of  the vineyard right on your doors, onlookers can't take their eyes off.

iron wine cellar doorsIron wine cellar doors
Image source:

5. Fibreglass entry door:

We all like to flow with the trend. One such moving trend in doors is the fibreglass. Framed in wood, the fibreglass doors are apt to give a modern touch.

Fibreglass entry doorFibreglass entry door
Image source:

6. Designer doors:

Designer doorsDesigner doors

The mesmerizing beauty of peacock on a pitch black glass background- the best scene to wake up to.

7. White finish wooden door:

A classy white doors for  the entrance flanked by full sized windows -for the love of English style doors. The windows along with the glass panel on the doors allows ample light into the room.

classy white doorsClassy white doors
Image source:

8. Doors with perspective:

Its amazing to see how perspective  cravings can give depth to an otherwise 2D looking plane doors.

The door here gives the illusion of  a hallway.

modern-main-door-designsModern main door designs
Image source:

9. Royal touch:

If you are fascinated by  the royalty of the kings and kingdom, this one will make you feel like one.

The doors look grand and splendid with the intricate detailing done on the wood. The iron grilles made of  delicate designs adds to the royalty.

luxury doors for homesLuxury doors for homes
Image source:

10. Arch Doors:

This arch shaped double door made  of wood and panelled with frosty glass makes the house look enormous and royal.

double door design idea
Double door design idea
Image source:

Doors for interiors:

Doors we need for interiors are usually for privacy and hence do not have to be as tough and sturdy as the main entrance. This opens more options to choose from both in terms of design and material.

11. Sliding doors

Sliding doors are the best space savers inside the house. It serves the purpose of a door and at the same time takes as little as a fraction of the wall even when kept open.

indoor-sliding-doorsIndoor sliding doors
Image source:

A sliding door framed in wood to compliment the white interiors.

Sliding-Bedroom-Doors-StyleSliding Bedroom Doors Style
Image source:

A complete wooden sliding door that matches  impeccably with the wooden flooring. The raw, natural  look  of the wooden planks used for door and floor which is in complete contrast to the well refined look of the decor is  a  unique combination.

Fibre doors:
Fibre doors will serve you the best  if you are looking for  a combination of style, affordability  and eco -friendliness.

12. Designer fibre doors:

 Fibre doors are very versatile since these can be designed according to your taste and looks just like an expensive wooden one. Glass panels  can also be affixed to enhance the look.

fiber-doorFiber Door
Image source:

13. Door with painted glass panels:

Fibre doors can be made as beautiful and elegant as any other doors with customisation such as painted glass panels. These doors come in almost all the colours you can find   in a rainbow. Fibre doors will be a perfect pick for kitchens, bathrooms and  store rooms.

painted glass panelsPainted glass panels
Image source:

14. Old cathedral styled doors:

This simple old cathedral styled doors can bring back the look of calm and tranquility to our home which we are losing in this fast moving world.

cathedral styled doorsCathedral styled doors
Image source:


15. Up/Down Sliding Windows:

Sliding WindowsSliding Windows Design
Image source:

These types of windows bring a very stylish look and feel to the exterior of the house. 

16. Wide windows:

Wide windowsWide windows Design
Image source:

With the windows so wide and beautiful and the serenity across the walls, you would hardly find the window seats vacant.

17. Long Windows:

swindon window designSwindon window design
Image source:

Bricked walls and those long windows with white colored frames bring an admirable combination of contemporary and traditional look to the exteriors of the house.

18. Mughal Inspired Windows:

Window-Grille-DesignWindow Grille Design
Image source:

Standing at this mughal inspired enormous window for a breeze in the evening,you are sure to wake  up the princess in you.

19. Wooden Door with Square Windows:

Modern-Door-DesignsModern Door Designs
Image source:

Dark brown wooden door with windows is, no doubt, a perfect pick for a contemporary look.
Of the above styles, no matter what your choice is, it will definitely be the  'in'  thing for the ages to come.

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