5 Dorm Room Decor Tips & Ideas

Decor Tips Dated:  Jan. 13, 2016
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Small Dorm Room Design Idea, Source: socialdcpr.com

Because designing your dorm room doesn’t have to be that expensive after all….!!!

Everyone desires for a creative and beautiful dorm room. Usually the one we are provided with is a small one and fulfills only bare necessities resulting in a no-frills space void of personal flair. New students are filled with excitement to decorate their rooms in their own individual style and manner but before any of them starts, here are some basic categories each one has to give special attention to while designing their own dorm room.


Dorm Room Decorating TipDorm Room Decorating Tip
Image source: https://www.dorminabox.com/image/data/2015%20Dorm%20Room%20Photos/Flooring%20II.jpg

Dorm rooms of even well reputed colleges are not maintained well enough. The flooring of these rooms is not that perfectly done and is not at all pleasing to look at. To make it colorful and appealing cover the vacant areas with rugs and carpet squares. Make sure that you use bright colors which will act as a focal point and add warmth to your room. Keep in mind to leave spaces for door swings thus avoiding condensation.

Dorm Room Design Idea
Dorm Room Design Idea
Image source: https://i1320.photobucket.com/albums/u537/Bry_Blogger/270708627572366058_Cab2WXkE_c_zps32993e79.jpg

After several hours of studying all you need is a comfortable bed to sleep on that could take away all your tiredness. So make sure that you make your bed fluffier and relaxing. You can even use two mattresses to avoid the hard springs underneath. Use sham and inserts and even pillows to add coziness to your bed. Deploy highly textured fabrics for bedding as they hide dirt and stains. Moreover, you will have to layer your bed according to the seasons.


Dorm Room Decorating IdeaDorm Room Decorating Idea
Image source: https://campusgrotto.com/images/dorm-room-canopy.jpg

Pour in your artistic insight into your room and decorate the walls in a manner that reflect your personality and charisma. You could stick beautiful wallpapers with some amazing pictures which could be fixed using washi tapes . You can also hang a tapestry or colorful rug behind you bed.


Dorm Room Furniture IdeaDorm Room Furniture Idea
Image source: https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS_mDdQMVBDVOhxzwNsUtfhtp-E2VOm9Ql2yvGGHM2_jdsp9uYArw

Try avoiding very large furniture and use compact ones. You can also use multi-purpose furniture by using the empty space on the dresser as the vanity. Also compartmentalize your drawer space for keeping you general items like toothbrush, shaving cream etc. Keep an old raskog cart as the bedside table to keep books and other accessories. For extra seating one can make extra floor poufs.


Dorm Room DecorDorm Room Decor
Image source: https://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ln0048BKcB1qlbpbfo1_500.jpg

Most dorm rooms have florescent fixture attached to the walls as the only source of lighting .Avoid using the harsh overhead lighting and provide a soft glow for yourself. For this you could place table lamps or task lighting within a required space. For décor purpose you can hang string lights from your wall which will give an extra glow to your room.

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