Dos and Dont's of Vastu for your home

Vastu Tips Dated:  March 7, 2014
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Interior designed by Sonali Shah

A lot is being said about Vastu compliance while making homes and on the way you should be living and using one. The main aspects of Vastu have to do with energy flow, directions and the nine planets. A well laid out plan that incorporates all these in a Vastu friendly manner can make your life while a badly done plan of these very aspects can lead to your ruin. So no matter how you go about it; one thing is certain that you must be well aware of the Dos and Don’ts of Vastu when it comes to your home.

The external factor Dos
•    The shape of the plot on which you are going to build your home is crucial. A square or a rectangular plot (not crossing the ratio of 1:2) is good. 
•    If there is a water body near your plot (river, pond or sea) then it should be in the east or northeast.
•    The ground of the plot should be leveled and there should be no slopes especially in the north or east direction.
•    A plot that has roads leading to it form all the four sides is considered very auspicious as it is supposed to bring wealth from all the four sides.

The external factor Don’ts
•    Do not go for irregularly shaped plots and if you do get stuck with one then fence off certain portions.
•    Cemeteries and hospitals attract negative energy so try to avoid living next to them.
•    Do not take a plot which is flanked by larger plots on both sides as it is considered inauspicious and leads to impoverishment.
•    The plot should not be near a temple nor should it fall under the shadow of the temple.
•    Avoid buying a plot near a meat

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or shoe shop.

The internal Dos
•    Every door and window should have a corresponding one on the opposite side to allow a free flow of energy.
•    Extensions should be done in the Northeast as some empty space should be left in this direction.
•    Air conditioners generate heat and should be placed in Southeast.
•    Keep the TV set in the Northwest because if you keep it in the Southwest you will remain glued to it.
•    Use sandstone and marble as they exude positive energy.
•    Make sure that the house is adequately lighted and add more lights if you feel because a well lit house is a prosperous house.
•    Bring as much of the five elements as possible. For example if you need to have water in a certain place you can use a blue object to substitute the actual water.

The internal Don’ts
•    Don’t erect too many walls as they tend to block the flow of the energy.
•    Clutter should be avoided everywhere as this too prevents the energy from moving freely. Make sure to sort and place your old clothes, books, shoes, bedding, boxes, letters and photographs carefully.
•    Do not place

opposite to each other as it creates restlessness. They should not be placed in the bedrooms as they tend to affect the peaceful sleep. Mirrors should not be facing the bed.



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