Drawing Room Interior Design

Living Room Design & Decor Dated:  Nov. 17, 2014
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Drawing Room Design by: Rohit Mitra

Drawing room happens to be the most unique area in an Indian household. It is a kind of multipurpose room where you entertain guests, sit together, share meals, have parties and at times this space is also used as a TV room. Which means you would watch your favourite TV shows and munch on popcorn and snacks. Sounds like a pretty happening area and it mostly is. Now, question is how to design an area like this which is definitely the most central part of the household.

Luxurious Living Room with multiple ceiling niches, Design by: Sonali Shah


This room is not only central to the lives but central to the floor plan as well. It is one space in your house plan that has to be placed right in the centre. In most modern Indian households the drawing room is adjacent to the kitchen and incorporates the dining area, too. Unless you have a two-floor plan where the bedrooms happen to be on the upper floor; the drawing room ideally should be directly accessible from all bedrooms. Since it also happens to play the role of the lobby or reception area in most homes, it is usually the first area of your home that an outsider (guest) will come across. Now, you see it is not just central but also prominent. It is best that you sit with the architect and ensure that it is not only placed rightly but also is accessible from as many points as possible; while keeping intact the sanctity and privacy of all areas attached to it.

Elegant Grandeur Formal Living Room Decor, Design by: Abdurrub Keriwala

The floor plan or placing of the drawing room also depends on whom

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what kind of family will inhabit the space. If you are single or living with just siblings or friends you can go for a totally open drawing room, one, which has no dividers or walls separating it or closing it from other rooms. This makes all the friendly sittings and get together occasions easy to arrange and is quite fun as well. Similarly a nuclear family or a joint family will each have their own requirements as to the placing of the drawing room. Just be very sure that the plan that is finally agreed upon pays adequate attention to the specific requirements of each type of occupant.

Living Room with White Walls and White Sofa, Design by: Pinky Pandit


It sounds so simple and easy but the fact is something as simple as the choice of colours can decide whether your drawing room is going to be the most welcoming place or an area where one does not want to stay for long. Both Vastu and Feng Shui understand the value of right colour selection. Your choice of colours can set the tone and mood of the room. If you go

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combinations of greys with a splash of wooden browns or whites the room will have a mature ambience. At the same time if you combine deep purple, fluorescent green with splashes of creamy whites it will have a rather childish or young attitude. Floral patterns in reds, browns and blues with a big swath of solid colour background can give a rather delicate and feminine feel. At the same time you can also play with both the mature and young colours and make a combination that exhibits your own unique persona. For example mix the greys with solid deep reds or combine the deep purple with light pink. While you are choosing the colours don’t forget to have a good read about each colour and its impact on human behaviour and feelings. It will help you decide on the effect you wish to achieve and create.

Living Room with Wallpaper & Tiled Floor, Design by: Hameeda Sharma


If you are renovating or just making a house you can decide on the flooring and match it with the colour, theme and floor plan. Marble and tiles are the in-thing nowadays, but you can also use wooden flooring or tiles for your drawing room. It will set this room a notch above the rest and bring a special touch and feel to the environs. Just make sure that the tiles, marble or wood boards are at least a shade darker than the walls. Another way of taking care of the flooring would be the use of rugs and carpets. These can help you remodel living room without having to worry about the type or colour of the floor. Spot rugs or area rugs are a fantastic way of defining a seating or spot in the living room. They are also great for hiding worn out or spotted parts of your carpeting. You can also add some colour and oomph to the room with the help of some tastefully placed brightly coloured silk or shaggy wool rugs.

Luxury Furniture Design Idea by: Madalsa Soni


While choosing the furniture keep in mind how and where you are going to place it. If possible use a grid paper and sketch the floor plan on a paper or notebook. This way you can shop for the furniture knowing what length and width you have at your disposal and how you can best fit the furniture. Try to keep at least a yard (1 meter) free space in between the pieces of furniture, because otherwise it will feel like you have to squeeze in between as you walk about. While taking the measurement of the floor don’t forget the width of the door or you might be stuck with oversize pieces which get hard to deliver through the door. Consider how the drawing room is going to be used. If it is going to be the hangout of the family; you will need stain resistant and solid furniture. If your kids are young then avoid sharp edged furniture and if your kids are grown up and you entertain only occasional guests then you can go for glass tops and delicate fabrics. Ensure that all pieces of furniture and accessories complement each other. Do not let the accessories clutter or overpower the space.

Furniture Design Idea by: Arbaysis Ashley

In the end I would say there are really no set methods or ways of defining right or wrong when it comes to decorating a house. Just follow your heart...Whatever the heart creates the mind likes and the eyes appreciate. So listen to what your senses tell you and pay attention to that creativity which has been lurking within you all this time.

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