Dynamic Architecture: Rotating Skyscraper in Dubai

Architecture Dated:  June 17, 2016
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Picture Source: lh3.ggpht.com

In the last 30 years, Dubai has been known for putting dreams into reality. You name it, and it will be built. With Burj Khalifa being the tallest building in the world, stretching to 828 metres, Dubai also holds the record of having the largest artificial islands (The Palm Islands), the tallest skyscraper with a 90 degree twist (The Infinity tower) and many more marvels in the field of architecture. The latest one that would be added to the fascinating skyline of Dubai by 2020 will be the first rotating skyscraper in the world. This tower will change its appearance every time you look at it.

Architect David Fisher, the founder of Dynamic Architecture, had proposed this Dynamic tower aka Da Vinci Tower back in 2008. The tower is supposed to be 420m tall with 80 floors of luxurious apartments. This means that it will be the second tallest building in Dubai and the second tallest residential tower in the world after 432 Park Avenue in New York which is 425.5 metres tall.

Now how dynamic is the Dynamic tower? Well, each floor will be able to rotate freely in either direction. In fact, the users will be able to control the speed and direction of the building through voice automation. The only non-dynamic part of the building will be the central concrete core, through which all the luxury apartments will be connected. 

Typical floor planTypical floor plan
Image Source: gizmodo.com

It is also interesting to note that the tower will be prefabricated. The apartment units and even the central core will be manufactured in factories and then shipped to the construction site. This will allow quicker construction, less manpower and decrease in the overall cost of the construction. The core will include elevators, staircases and other amenities. And each unit will include the necessary electrical, plumbing, air conditioning and other requirements. Each unit being independent, will ensure higher resistance from earthquakes.

The wind turbinesThe wind turbines
Image Source: www.alternative-energy-news.info

Talking of the building’s energy requirements, the Dynamic tower will have the capacity of generating its own energy with the help of 79 wind turbines that would be placed between each floor. Each turbine would produce 0.3 megawatt of electricity which is enough for 50 families. These will be placed in a way that they are not visible from the outside. Solar panels will also be used on the roof of the building as well as the roof on each level. 

The buildings of the future may be super-tall, floating, or built in skies. But the concept of a building that never looks the same again, meeting the requirements for an energy conscious design, is indeed revolutionary.

Video of the First rotating skyscraper

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