Easy steps to organize your closet right away

Decor Tips Dated:  Jan. 1, 2014
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Closet Designed by: Shahen Mistry

What does your closet look like when you push the front door open? Does it portray neat, proper and spruced up look all the time or simply it goes worse everyday with huge pile of clothes entangled in a mess and accessories stashed up forcefully atop of the messy pile? And I bet,you might have lost all hopes trying to figure out the best possible ways to clean the clutter.

Furthermore, whether you have friends coming over to your place for a sleepover or your prissy mom is about to sneak into your bedroom later that day, you need to set the things right then and there. In such a scenario, nothing is going to help you out if you have only an hour or two left. 

The Solution? 

However, we can show you how to give your clothes rack an organized makeover and surprisingly this can be done in a jiffy! Read on for pointers. 

Toss over the useless stuff: The first step towards clearing away the clutter is to do away with old fashioned trousers, shirts, scarves, belts or jumpsuits which you know that you would never wear in future. Most of us preserve such clothes until the weighty issue is over; However, unless you know you are really going to win the battle, it is better to toss them over. This, eventually, would result in ample closet space which can be utilized effectively later.

Devise a plan: Depending upon the type of closet design, you can contemplate on the setting initially. No matter your closet have enough shelves or not, you can always figure out where to stack what. Here are the pointers :

For a large closet with multiple shelves: 

If you have an enormous walk through closet, hang in as many as hangers you need. This space can be used to hang

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blazers, dresses, shirts and more. 

If your closet has a partition, you can organize clothing for different occasions in separate chambers. For instance, align office suits in one section, party outfits in the adjacent one and gym clothes in the third one if you have three chambers. 

Once your basic clothing is arranged, you can use other small shelves(if you have) to stack up elementary clothing essentials you need for the season. For instance, utilize a small drawer for socks and gloves a You might be needing them frequently and once you know where you have stacked them up, you won't throw tantrums at anyone in future asking where your pair went. 

Clothing accessories-Often you have a hard time finding a matching tie or a belt. Instead of getting used to finding them hidden somewhere in the midway between your sweaters, learn to stash them in a proper place. You can have few nails dug somewhere on back of the cabinet door or on inner wall if you find that position accessible. Suspend your ties and scarves safely in these spaces and you will never have to go overboard looking for them. 

Jewelries, watches and more- Keep a shelf empty for these accessories

preserve these exquisite items in separate boxes. This arrangement not only ensures that they remain safe but also makes them approachable at hand. 

For a relatively small closet with a few drawers : 

This can be a little overwhelming but if you act according to the devised plan, things might settle down quite easily. 

If you have a walk through closet, just utilize the space as perfectly as you can- Hang in all your clothing essentials one by one- Start with tailored suits(Hang in one by one) and align all your designer dresses one by one next to the array of suits. Next comes the gym clothes and lastly the night gowns.

However, if you have a closet with enough shelves (medium and small-sized) , stash up different dresses in separate chambers. Nevertheless, your long coats and evening gowns might not fit into this arrangement. In such a scenario, the best way to get over the later messiness that crops up suddenly is to be prepared in the beginning. Get a bigger wardrobe installed in your bedroom where you can accommodate coats and dresses in a similar fashion as in a walk through wardrobe. It doesn't need to be exactly of your height or bigger. 

Add some lighting: A closet appears dark and gloomy without a proper lighting. Installing few LED bulbs here and there inside your closet helps in approaching things easily. Battery operated light bulbs are handy and lucrative. 

Hide the shoes: The last thing-Most closets come with shoe racks at the bottom. Bury all your footwear in the lowermost chamber if you have enough space in there. Nevertheless, if you fall short of space, get yourself an apparently large shoe rack where you can hide all your shoes.

Try these simple steps and you would clean up all the clutter in less than an hour! 

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