Electrifying Eclecticism - Bedroom Design Tips

Bedroom Design & Decor Dated:  Feb. 18, 2016
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eclectic bedroom inspiration

Bedrooms are our paradise on earth we find solace in after a long day of battle with the stress giving world of ours. Focusing on this very need, bedroom needs to have a pacifying and soothing look. But at times, focusing on this priority, we find no space to place the items/elements we love to see. And the whole purpose of having a personalised room is defeated.

To make “your den” completely yours, without comprising on the feel and the comfort, here are some tips on how to turn your bedroom 'eclectic'.

Eclecticism is no rocket science. It's about blending what you love, what you have and what your room needs. Read on to know more.

Preference to layout
Since functionality is what matters the most, planning a proper layout is very important – be it for an eclectic concept or any other. Allocate space for the basic decor item that will remain forever.  Where the bed, wardrobe and dresser should lie should be the first thought while furnishing a room.

Choosing the colours
Whites, grey or biege are not the only soothing colours. With a matte finish even a darker colour appears soothing like the textured maroon walls in the below bedroom. 

Eclectic Bedroom DesignEclectic Bedroom Design
Image Source: nijihomedesign.com

Use more of the colour chosen
There is nothing wrong in going with bright colours. But instead of going for a lot of colours, paint more accessories in the same or similar shade that will not only make its presence felt but also gives a cohesive look.

The bedroom with its bright yellow shade used for different elements makes the room look vibrant without giving it a confused feel.

Eclectic Style BedroomEclectic Style Bedroom
Image Source: www.faburous.com

Textures and patterns
When your room is small, it seems like a tough task to fill the room aesthetically. After providing for enough walking space and placing the essential furniture, you hardly have any space left to decorate the room. Don't despair for there are things which does not consume space/volume but can add tremendously to the appearance of the room.

 Here the tufted bedroom bench, area rug, bed linen and the pillow covers, with there distinct patterns and textures make the room more lively yet not making it look overboard.

Eclectic BeddingEclectic Bedding
Image Source: www.bozemanhouse.net

Something striking
Eclectic is being crazy. Eclectic is being surprisingly different. An element that might look 'out of place' for someone can be a muse for some one else. The mere fact that it is out of place makes this element timeless in its beauty.

Eclectic Bedroom InspirationEclectic Bedroom Inspiration
Image Source: photos.hgtv.com

For some the unusual and contrasting headboard may look inappropriate for this bedroom which was comfortable with its subtle colour palette.  It's only the artistic eyes that can see and appreciate this contrasting element, that suddenly makes the room look more vibrant and energetic.

Bring the ages closer
Eclecticism is synonymous to versatility. The more the variation, the more interesting the interiors. One cool idea to make the appearance interesting is blending elements from the past and the present that gives your room the 'true timeless' look.

Eclectic Bedroom styleEclectic Bedroom style
Image Source: www.trendir.com

Here the monotony of soft plush neutral coloured bed is broken by having a vintage chest next to it.

Bedrooms are indeed your private sanctuary and the right to paint it solely rests on you. Now is the time you thought incorporating everything you wished to see in your room. Now is the time you went eclectic !!

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