Electrifying Eclecticism - Dining Room Design Ideas

Dining Room Design & Decor Dated:  Feb. 19, 2016
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Eclectic Dining Room Design Idea

Going eclectic is synonymous to going by your own style. Mix and match the elements you love – whether it is of this age or the age gone by and you are proud designer of an eclectic interiors. The only thing you need to take care is check whether these elements come together as a unit.

If of lately, you have developed a craze for eclectic i.e, then dining room is one space which can provide you with never ending options. Whether you host intimate family dinners or extravagant get together, the dining space plays as important role as the succulent food.

Here's how you can renovate or give a facelift your dull dining room to make it ready for the next family get together.

Mix it up

You might want a sleek wooden bench or a plush upholstered chairat the dining table, while others in the family would like to have the formal dining chairs. Well, neither of you need to compromise with your comfort as eclectic interiors give you this freedom of mixing up.

The dining area below, which is in continuation with the living room blends well with the rest of the space while fulfilling its own priority. The table, which is the focal point of the space, plays it fair by incorporating shades of both the type of chairs. With layered floor rugs, the space gives a unifying look. A fire place with a textured wall adds an earthy look to the space.

Eclectic Dining RoomEclectic Dining Room
Image Source: yacineaziz.com

Pep it up with colours

Again, when eclectic interior provides you with such versatility, you should make the most of it.
Colours, for most of us, are about energy and happiness. And what other place than dining room would need a generous dose of that !

The dining room below has made it colourful from the floor to the ceiling. The focal point i.e., is the dining table gives a flashy look with leopard print on it. If its the whole of rainbow that you need to fill your room with, it is better to keep the accessories low.

Dining Room Design IdeasDining Room Design Ideas
Image Source: yacineaziz.com

Functionally eclectic

When you have less of something, make it do more for you. With eclectic designing, this can be achieved very easily. 
How a dining table/area can be used to serve dual purpose is shown below.

With a table that has varied chairs surrounding it, the space is a warm dining area. And when not in its obvious use, these can be turned into a reading space as the walls behind the dining table is partially converted into a mini library. Not to make the scene monotonous, is the black feature wall that has it all to amuse the guests.

Eclectic Dining Room IdeasEclectic Dining Room Ideas
Image Source: www.airbnb.com

Don't miss the vertical space

Eclecticism is a wide concept and can include anything and everything. It is the coming together of old and new, simple and sophisticated, colourful and the pale – which together make the room bold and inviting. Dining room shown below takes a different take on eclecticism by bringing closer the top and bottom.

While the floor for the dining space is consumed by wood and bamboo furniture, which give an earthy look together with the floor tile, the air above smells fresh with green hanging from the ceiling. To give it a tough fight (in terms of elegance and charm), huge gorgeous chandeliers appear on the other end of the ceiling.

dining tableDining Table
Image Source: qc2framework.com

Play of patterns

So what if you have a formal looking dining table, which cannot afford to replace? You have the rest of the dining space to express your taste. 
There are so many accessories in your room that can serve you the canvas to paint your imagination.
This dining room has played it right with patterns. The walls, windows and the floor get a dashing makeover with simple and unique patterns.

dining room design trendsDining room design trends
Image Source: www.wassupmate.com

As is evident from the above designs, there is no hard and fast rule in eclecticism. Its all about blending the myriad styles and elements you are in love with, breathing a new life to your interiors, when you want everything at once.

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