Electrifying Eclecticism - Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas

Living Room Design & Decor Dated:  Feb. 15, 2016
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Eclectic Living Room Design

Living room has got its name right. A room that is full of life (with endless talks with our guests or with our own family) could not have gotten a better name. Since entertaining is what the room is primarily made for, the interiors do matter. They can either fetch some smiles and compliments or a silent straight face. So we need to decorate the room in such a way that, definitely suits our style and has something to awe at for each of our of guests. And since our guests are from various walks of life, we can not settle for one particular theme. The solution then surely lies in going eclectic, the  'everything at once' approach.

Here are some of the brilliant designs that have succeeded in turning the room stunningly eclectic.

Pacifying the colours

To give a lively ambience, you might think of painting the room with rich pinks and blues. But wait! You will probably go overboard with these contrasting colours!! You need a pacifier in place. Have generous amount of neutral colours like white, grey or beige that will neutralise the impact.

Eclectic Living Room DesignEclectic Living Room Design
Image Source: homepedia.ga

Bringing together the textures and patterns

There is no need of huge space consuming decor items to have a power packed impact on the living room. Those silent walls, fine floor rugs or cushions on the sofa are enough.

The wall behind the TV gets a floral print, while that adjacent to it is stunning with the exposed stones. Black cushions with gorgeous white prints gives a bold and clean contrast to the pure white sofa. With the ceiling kept high , each and every detail gets the much needed attention.

Living RoomLiving Room Designed by Architect Rajni Patel

Bringing together the two eras

Eclecticism gives you the freedom to mix and match. But to see whether they are perfect match is upon us. The below living room tells you how to get it right.

The plush white sofa and soft carpets give a modern look while the exposed woods as exterior rafters give the room a rural touch.

Eclectic Living Room Design IdeaEclectic Living Room Design Idea
Image Source: www.lonny.com

Where art meets sleekness

art meets sleeknessArt meets sleekness
Image Source: www.decoist.com

The heavy and rich Morrocan tapestry on a contrasting wall gets a sleek partner in beach styled metal based chairs. The glossy lamps flanking the giant sofa is a fitting element that adds to the heterogeneous look of the room.

The Bohemian take

Bohemian takeBohemian take
Image Source: www.lonny.com

By now, you might have realised that eclectic designing or decorating is about what 'we' find right . There is no hard and fast rules that bind you in this style. This freedom essentially is what makes the room get a Bohemian touch. The living space above stands for the concept. The colourful room does not go overboard on any style, colour or element, which guarantees to bring smiles on the faces.

Eclecticism is worth trying. With so many variances to look forward to, it is going to be a colourful affair.

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