Stay Cool and Energy Efficient this Summer

General Dated:  April 15, 2016
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Living Room Design by Architect Salil Ranadive

With days away from being hit with this year’s summer bonanza (the scorching hot days), we are prepping up to keep our house insulated from the burning sun. While we have umpteen options to keep our homes cool, most of them are neither eco-friendly nor pocket friendly. So, this summer let’s try out some real cool ways to keep ourselves cool at home.

1. Make the most out of the night

Keeping the windows open during the day will heat up the room drastically. But, if you live in a place where it cools off easily in night (like the deserts of Rajasthan), keeping them open in the night will gift you with cool breeze from outside. So turn off the air conditioners and use fans instead, for circulating the cool air. If the flies pose a problem, go for wire mesh/ net sheets that can be stuck to the window frames. This will prevent the flies and crawlers from entering inside. 

summer window filmSummer Window Film
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2. Install bathroom fans

Humidity and heat level inside a bathroom increases when we take a bath. Though we do not realise that, the next person using it will definitely feel the heat that has been generated. To keep the temperature low, use exhaust fans/bathroom fans that flushes out the heat as and when formed. 

3. Use light curtains

Use light shaded cotton curtains or blinds for windows that will let in sufficient light in the day time while maintaining the privacy and at the same time prevent heat from entering in.

The light and happy colours are a happy sight to look at too !

summer curtains designSummer Curtains Design
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4. Avoid gadgets that heat up the room

Avoid or reduce the use of traditional ovens or open flames, computers, curling iron that not only consume a lot of energy but also heat up the room drastically. 

5. Take showers instead of bath

True, a long bath can be the best mantra for relaxation. But, a quick shower too can be a fun way to wash of the tiredness and dirt. Plus, shower consumes only around one third amount of water used up in a lavish bath. So, limit the luxury of having a tub bath to once in a week and you will be saving a lot on your water bill.

6. Using air conditioners

In a place like India, dust is omnipresent. No matter how hard you clean your room, the micro particulates never cease to cover those shelves and racks. Dust accumulated on the filters of the air conditioners should be wiped clean once in a month to keep them running efficiently (if you still can’t do without AC). 

Also, using a de-humidifier while using an air conditioner will increase the cooling load and the air conditioner will need to work harder and longer to bring the temperature down. 

7. LED lights

Well, this is not just for the summers. LED, although expensive than the usual incandescent lights, can prove to be worthier and more efficient than them. These lights on one hand have a longer life and on the other run much cooler than the incandescent and even the CFL. Investing in some good LED lights can be thus worth the money. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes which can fit well with ANY décor setting of the room.

8. Keeping the humidity low

Certain household jobs like mopping and cleaning tend to build up moisture / increase humidity, which as the day advances, make it unbearable with the hot sun. Hence it is recommended to save such tasks either to the early hours or to the early evening when it is comparatively cooler. 

9. Alternative cooking options

Cooking on an open stove or oven can drastically increase the room temperature. In summers, it is hence recommended to go for alternative cooking options like microwaving or outdoor cooking to keep yourselves safe from the blast – furnace like atmosphere that is created in the kitchen.

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