The Economic Times Architecture & Design Summit 2017 Delhi Edition

Events Diary Dated:  Sept. 8, 2017
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Image Courtesy ET Edge

Yesterday, the capital hosted the 5th Edition of Economic Times, Architecture & Design Summit, bringing yet another brilliant theme “Designing for diversified India”, based over the rich diversity of our nation. After the grand success of four successive annual summits, this edition looked forward with a concept encapsulating the design industry nationwide. 

Prominent industry figures such as Ar. Ashok Dhawan, A.K. Jain were a spotlight of this event, which aimed at integrating an assorted mixture of delegates, speakers, partners and media from all around the nation.

The event began with an illustrious and informative presentation named Fab Finds, with the leading industry expert Manit Rastogi, Founder Partner of Morphogenesis who presented Glocal views discussing the challenges of accommodating all the region specific features such as moisture, soil, climate while designing a building.

Highlight of the show was the interactive session: Imagination Station, moderated by Srinivas Murthy G., Chief Executive and Architect at SMG Design. Dedicating the session to his Guru, Mr. Dhawan, he brought life to the session, promoting an interactive discussion between the groups of architects. 

The activity included some photographs of different built fabrics from all around the nation, and the delegates had to select one among them and further discuss and resolve the issues affecting the end users on both local and urban scales.

" "It’s not just about coming, listening to some speakers and going back home." explained Ar. Moorthy."

Surprisingly, it soon turned into a quick prize winning session, where the delegates had to guess locations of those scenes from the photographs, suggesting some measures for the current scenario over the built fabric in each of those scenes. 

A group of leading stalwarts namely architects Dikshu C. Kukreja, Sapna Kumar, Amit Gupta, Kamal Meattle and Professor Dr. Vibhuti Sachdeva gathered up for the panel discussion entitled Chaos Theory : Designing for diversified India, proactively moderated by Ar. Srinivas Moorthy. An interesting fact was brought upon by Ar. Kukreja based over the audience votes that end users do not actually care for architecture or built fabric. 

Quote Corner: From the Panelists

" We have to be a little selfish about our culture, our dharohar, else we will be a second class nation without any wealth.” - Ar. Vibhuti  "
" The unique thing about our country is diversity, even when we discuss about Indianness. The issue of morality is architecture should respond to geography, climate users rather than style. That would explain Indianness.” - Ar. D.C. Kukreja"
" Architecture and society are going in a very different way. What we really need to address is how our architecture gets responsive to societies.” - Ar. Vibhuti"
" We need to take elements from past and execute them innovatively using technology.” - Ar. Amit Gupta"
"We have to be more responsible. It’s our responsibility to make the clients aware and educate them.” - Ar. Sapna Kumar "
" Thinking of Lutyen's Delhi, at my age the period from Diwali to Holi, is the worse time with the ozone layer and climate badly affected. Ironically, that is the time everyone wants to stay in for festive season. We need to think upon all environmental facts so that a user can live healthily in a place.” - Kamal Meattle"

The panel discussion was followed by a brief Q&A session, where the audience interacted with the panelists through a series of questions reviewed upon the theme. 

Addressing the spotlight session, entitled Plinth and Patterns, Mr. Niraj Borikar, Head Marketing at Fundermax elaborated on products, materials and designs through an illustrious presentation. 

Mr. Peeyush Bachlaus, Head Marketing of Kansai Nerolac Paints engaged the audience in an interactive session, over “My Colour, My World”. On being questioned Ar. Britta chose whites to be her color, emphasizing on the notion of subtle spaces. “It’s pretty recent, we've started thinking about colors as an integral part of architecture. We were always taught about designing spaces. Secondly working across continents, I feel very proud to be belonging from the land of colors, India.”answered Ar. Moorthy, in his response to the being asked his opinions over the relation of colors with architecture. 

The glorious evening of this event was brought to an end on a high note, with the launch of the color book. Resonating with the event theme, the color book features curated stories over 7 simple themes which has been designed to connect a person living in east with southern areas thus unifying the diverse cultures which was also the aim of this summit. 

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